How To Select A Good Reel For Fishing?

Before selecting a fishing reel, you must understand its parts, performance and functionality; i.e., for which type of fishing going to use.

In the previous publication “specifications of a fishing reel, not you intimidated” you can find information about the technical details keys to understand the different types and models of reels as well as their mechanisms.

However, in addition to also include the technical specifications it is important to know about its manufacture and construction materials, which finally is what will determine what good is a fishing reel.

So if you already read this publication, we can continue.

To determine which reel to choose, polyhobbies recommends you take into account the following:

1 type of spool: casting, spincast, spinning, surf casting or trolling. If we have not much experience in this sport, and the technique is casting or fund the best is buy a reel that is not too expensive, but without sacrificing quality, allowing us to acquire more practical and determine what the reel which eventually will serve you in your fishing session.

On the other hand, yes you already carry some fishing and you have prepared a budget for a good fishing equipment, then you do not skimp.

2 the manufacturer: there are certain manufacturers which enjoy a reputation gained through the years. Brands of leading fishing equipment on the market and that we recommend are the following: Daiwa, Shimano and Penn.

They have distinguished themselves by using good quality materials and manufacture of fishing reels, durable and resistant to the harsh marine conditions.

3 the Material of manufacture: it is vital, in fact the body or “shell” of the best fishing reels are made of aluminium or graphite. The best freshwater reels are constructed with aluminium, which adds some weight.

While fishing in the sea the option preferred by professional fishermen is graphite, since it has good anticorrosive properties.

4 solid construction: a good fishing reel should not be loose or mismatched parts.

A spool of fishing with fewer internal parts are less likely to be mechanically damaged.

Note: The spinning fishing reels have greater amount of parts than the casting.

5 weight: is a relevant factor when buying a good fishing reel. Fishing with lighter weight reels will cause less fatigue to your wrist and arm, especially on those long sessions of cast; However, the weight is a personal taste of each fisherman.

When you buy online you can see within the specifications the weight of the reel which is given in ounces (1 ounce = 28.35 grams).

The Shimano Metanium uses a combination of carbon, aluminum, and magnesium.

6 size: if we fish in fresh water where the majority of the species are smaller is better to use light and ultra-light, teams not so to the sea where the conditions are different.

Recommendation for beginners and new fans

Learn more about everything that involves the selection of a good reel requires time, practice, and research.

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