How To Properly Wear The Shirt After 50 Years?

She is the alter ego of the little black dress: a vital and timeless piece. Style tricks to appropriate.

Choose model
Slightly oversized Cup is ideal – vaporous, straight or slightly bent history to mark the size-for a fashion look and relaxed. You can also wear shirts shortened if you associate them with a low waisted. Attention in this case to not aim too big to camouflage her curves: opposite effect guaranteed!

Opt for natural materials that enhance her figure
The most flattering materials spent 50 years are cotton, silk, and the Tencel. A cotton – without stretch shirt – is more than pleasant to wear and don’t brand not Forms. Ditto for real silk, which will bring in more fluid and chic movement and softens the highest parts of the wardrobe, pants or straight skirt. The Tencel seduced, him, by its lightness and its denim look very fashion.

Play on the printed
If the white shirt is a must, the printed parts (peas, large flowers, liberty…) are indispensable to give PEP to an outfit. The shirt is a chameleon: she is below or above all, way overlays. Note of beautiful materials, like silk, highlight the print.

For or against the Lavaliere?
The details of the tie knot style, Ruffles or pleats… are essential that whatever the age. They bring lightness and more feminine stricter parts. Fashion being the masculine-feminine: the tie shirt is a clever compromise. But to avoid taking 10 years, avoided the XXL node.

Dare the fancy shirt
We can all afford with the shirt: those in denim or plaid pattern are now the basics. Not a collection without a model or a reinterpretation of the look. They are perfect, as well, to relax and give a current key classic pieces (straight jacket, cigarette, raw denim, pants).

Style tips for wearing the shirt with class:

the col noted;

the sleeves rolled up;

the pins and clips to the neck, or on the chest pocket;

the last buttons at the bottom open for a glimpse of a nice belt.