How to Prevent Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

During pregnancy the woman’s body undergoes many changes, among them weight gain. This increase causes skin elasticity to reach its limit giving rise to stretch marks .

How to Prevent Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Unfortunately, stretch marks are difficult to disappear, so it is important that you prevent them from arising during pregnancy.

Stretch marks usually appear on the belly, breasts and thighs. During pregnancy the woman should take special care, especially in controlling weight gain by choosing a healthy and balanced diet and practicing physical activities with the consent of her doctor.

Causes for the appearance of stretch marks

There are many causes that can increase the chances of gaining stretch marks in pregnancy. About half of pregnant women get stretch marks during their gestation.

The main cause is the excessive weight gain, but may also arise for hormonal reasons. Hereditary factors may be at the origin of its appearance.

Stretch marks are one of the biggest fears of women because if they are not prevented they can leave unpleasant marks for the rest of their lives. Here are tips on how to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy.

Tips to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy

Moisturize, a well moisturized skin has greater ability to mitigate the effects.

Drinking 2 liters of water a day, water is very important during pregnancy. Water prevents a lot of problems like infections and also helps to keep the skin well moisturized.

Use a cream specific for your skin type. The cream should be rich in emollients, triglycerides, oils rich in omega 3, sweet almonds, collagen. You should apply the cream 2 times a day in the most problematic areas such as breasts, belly, buttocks and thighs.

Do sport, most pregnant women can maintain physical activity during pregnancy. A 30-minute walk a day helps maintain fitness and helps release hormones related to good mood.

Eat a balanced diet, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid greasy and fried foods.

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