How to Pose in a Swimsuit

You thought that the swimwear photos were not made for you? Here is a guide to succeed to hits.

The photos in a swimsuit you not too try? It is true that between the wind, salt, sand, wobbly positions and (very) stripped body, it is not obvious to succeed these holiday snaps.

  • Choose Her Moment

Rule number 1: we don’t have photos in a swimsuit any time. You must mentally prepare and choose a good time. That is not when you come out of the water with hair dripping and matted, and even less when after three days of exposure you have Scarlet thighs due to an incorrect application of sunscreen.

  • Prepare His Best Pose

The success of a good swimsuit photo is good preparation. Best profile, position of the arms and legs, glowing smile or pout shy: in short, it does not trust the improvisation and practicing in front of the mirror.

  • Optimize The Bottom of l’ Image

Imagine: you make your most beautiful smile, the light is perfect, but all your friends see in the photo is the lady who yawns in the background! A picture of successful Beach, it is also a clear, sunny background or seaside. So, we think about the background before I ask no matter how.

  • Feel’ Comfortable In His Jersey

At the top of your photo in a swimsuit, to be first to feel good in his head and in his Jersey! Even if each year your quest for the perfect Jersey nears an obstacle course, you need to find the swimsuit to get the picture. A matter of balance.

  • Select a Nice Filter

Finally to get the perfect shot in a swimsuit and your photo, select the right filter on your various mobile applications: a bit metallic, a little gold and high-contrast.

Here, your perfect shot is now at hand.