How To Paint Candles

Let’s fill the House of candles! And it is that you it’s one of those decorative elements that can never be missing in a home. They are ideal to create ambient, fit into any corner and stay and can even provide pleasant aromas. 
So, last Thursday we could learn in a live tutorial issued on how to carve candles, to get precious models personalized from smooth oil lamps and prints and carvado tools.

Thus, once we have our carved candles and we have achieved desired shape or drawing, comes to give them a bit of color, and that is precisely what will be able to learn in the next Live TUTORIAL to Heidi, author of the blog, is going to offer on Thursday, March 30 at 19:00 (Spanish time): painted sails.

If you want to follow in their footsteps live, these are the materials that you will need to have on hand:

-Candles white, cream, beige or yellow thick previously carved.
-Acrylic paints.
-Varnish or glitter.
-Cloth or small rag.
-Liquid detergent (dishwasher).

And this is a sample of what you can see!

So you know, write down this date in your diaries: Thursday, March 30, at 19:00 Spanish time (11 h in Mexico DF, Buenos Aires 14 H, 12 h in Bogota).

And if you missed the previous video dedicated to the carving candles, you can see it at SPORTSQNA.COM.