How To Make Greeting Cards Online

If there is someone who has got a new job, have been pregnant or has achieved something else, that is worth celebrating, so it is natural to send them a greeting card. On this page you can compile several different beautiful cards you can send for free. You select just the greeting card motif you think best about, write a little personal greeting and keys the mail address of the person who will receive your card. Then it takes only 2 minutes before the recipient receives his beautiful greeting cards. Easier it will not!

Turquoise sticky hearts
Nice invitation in turquoise with MICA ….
whether it is the round birthday or bridal shower, this
lends itself really well to it.
Here’s how …
The invitation:

-Cut the bar code of the card and fold this in half.
-Goals 50 cm chiffon Ribbon (3 mm) of and put this on the map. Tie a small loop.
-Cut small triangles out of origasmipapir. Tip: put more sheets on top of each other and cut as, this allows multiple triangles on
less time:-)
-Cut the text out and glue this on the large heart.
-Glue the small triangles at around the text. Like with the same spacing between text and triangles.
-MICA Came on. Team sheet with hearts over the box you have glimmeret in and sprinkle with a little spoon.
-Ta the great heart of the sheet with a pair of tweezers and glue this on the tape on the map.
-Glue the smaller hearts on.
-Fold a sheet of origami paper in size 15 x 15 cm and glue this in the card with double-sided tape. Print evt text first.
-Fold an envelope in the appropriate color and pattern size 20 x 20. Use Karen’s envelope template.

Place cards
-Fold the card in half board
-Glue the smaller hearts on. These are already with MICA … so easy enough just to glue on.

Napkin ornaments
Fold the napkin. This can be seen in the new booklet: Origami & Favorite foldings. This booklet comes on the street a little later.

-Glue the Ribbon on the back of the heart, and sprinkle with glitter. 15 mm Ribbon.
-The front of the heart is in the same way as for the card … so the big heart, only without the text.
-Volume Ribbon on napkin fold.

This gun looks good on the festive covered table.
You may want to also change the map on a menu.