How to Make Eyelashes Grow

Eye drops to grow eyelashes-how it works?

What does a look be seductive and powerful? Certainly are the Cilia, isn’t it? So, more and more brands of masks and cosmetic Eyelash invest in technology, seeking the strengthening of these, higher growth and even more volume. There are ways to get a look much more beautiful with towering lashes.

In addition to the tricks of makeup that we allow the effect of large eyelashes for a few moments, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are marketing products developed specifically for this purpose: raising the lashes.

How are these products?

Most of the products that can increase the Cilia are also called eye drops, because the formula also allows them to take care of other problems in the region, such as glaucoma. The substance bimatoprost is inserted in the formula of these eye drops that are designed for application in the root of the eyelashes.

It is important to note that this is a chemical way to get bigger eyelashes, so can offer collateral effects. Before purchase and use the product is indicated that you see a doctor. The use of eye drops can cause irritation to the eyes, leaving them red, seeing difficulties, discomfort or burning. Still need to be very careful with people who have light eyes, because the eye drops may darken the IRIS, mainly who has blue eyes.