How to Knit Backpack

The great knitting special in the TINA

This beautiful bag is a real eye-catcher. See also? Then get wool and knitting needles and off you go!


washed about 34 cm high, 28 cm wide, 8.5 cm deep. The numbers in brackets apply to the size before felting.

You need this for the backpack

  • Lana Grossa quality “Feltro” (100% pure new wool – shrinks during washing around 30-40%, LL = 50 m / 50 g): approx 750 g gray-mix (FB 3)
  • Knitting needles No. 8
  • 1 wool crochet hook No. 8
  • color matched sewing thread
  • Costume buttons by Union button:
    1 pretzel with Edelweiß and heart, article 500222, Gr. 001, FB. 83 antiqued silver, 1 Horn toggle, art. 35579, 50 mm, FB. 22 Black-Brown/light brown, 1 deer head, art. 59679, Gr. 001, FB. 83 antiqued silver, 2 horn buttons in article 31492, heart-shaped, 12 mm Ø, FB. 22 dark brown/natural and 2 heart buttons, art. 41438, 20 mm Ø, FB. 83 antiqued silver
  • 50 cm-thin brown leather strap


And how easy it is

Kraus re: return and re-R re str.

Pigtail Bobble pattern: After knitting font (see below) str. Re the numbers outside call the out-R. In the re-R the M Street, as they appear or as according to follow. Explanation of symbols described. The exact classification is in the width in the success. Guide explains. The increases in the strip of braid in 3. Run R as shown. Height 1 x then in each pattern strips the grey-backed R including the respective re R always repeat the 1-30 R str..

Knitting tension/gauge: 11.5 M and 23 R kraus re with Nd.Nr. 8 knitted and fair before washing and felting = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: 40 M with the knitting-nd. Beat No. 8. Kraus re str. BEIDS. for the curves in the 3rd R from 2 M to stop on, then beat in every 2 R still 3 x per 1 M zun. = 50 M. Beids after 4 cm = 10 R from attack. Attach the 1 mark. BEIDS. for the chamfers in the 17 R from Mark 1 M Dec, then in each 16 R still 5 x 1 Mabn. 38 M =. After 48 cm = 110 R from marking the M neckline

Front: 46 M with the Stricknd. Beat No. 8. Then follow. Division Street: edge-M, 15 M Bobble pattern by arrow a to c, 14 M braid pattern by arrow c to d, 15 M Bobble pattern by arrow a to c, edge STS. In the 3rd R in the braid as well 6 meters zun, in addition the increases for the curves beids. as the chart back. = 62 M.Diese side increased M consequently insert into the Bobble pattern. The acceptance tests for the page cropped as running at the back = 50 M. After 48 cm = 110 R from mark the M neckline, at the same time over the braid in accordance with increases again M together str.

Flap: 20 M with the Stricknd. Beat No. 8. Then follow. Classification in the Bobble pattern St: edge STS, 3 M before arrow b, 1 x 15 M by arrow a to c, edge STS. BEIDS. for the chamfers in the 3rd R from stop 1 M zun., then in every 2nd row 3 x 1 M, infolg. 4.R 1 x 1 M, in every 6th row 3 x 1 M each and follow. 8 R still 1 x 1 M piece. = 38M. The increased M beids. Consequently insert into the Bobble pattern. After 17 cm = 40 R from stop or 2cm = 6 R straight str. Then the M neckline Now with the Häkelnd. No. 8 the beveled sides and the top of tee with 1 R fe M and lobster = fe M from li after re umhäkeln.

Side panel: On a str. of piece of This 15 M with the Stricknd. Beat No. 8. Kraus re str. A total 143 cm from stop the M neckline Note: The unit is approximately 12 cm before washing.

Carrier (2 x St.): 7 M with the Stricknd. Beat No. 8. Kraus re str. A total 124 cm from stop the M neckline The finished length is approx. 88 cm after felting.

Work: Sew the side panel between front and back of each flush with the upper edges. Now the top of the backpack with 1 Rd umhäkeln fe M and lobster. Sew the flap at the top of the back. The carrier beids. According to the sketch and model picture also attaching to the back. Now, Delicates with 800 RPM spin washing machine with liquid color detergent wash the backpack at 40 °. Backpack in the wet state vigorously pull and firmly stuffed with lots of geknülltem paper and dry well can be in the form. Then decorate the backpack with the buttons and accessories according to the model. Attach the knob as a lock with the Lederbändchen. In addition the fasteners Lederbändchen twice to the loop and so pull the flap as a buttonhole loop through fit the gag. But then good knot on the door. The horn buttons in heart shape each sew about 1 Bobble.