How to Install a Security System at Home

How to install a security system at home

There are various types of security cameras and systems to install depending on whether it is inside or outside the home.

Remember that to install a security camera many times it is necessary to make holes in the walls, required check to hide cables and it might be a somewhat exhaustive task especially if you are undecided on where it can be placed, in this article you are going to give some suggestion to facilitate your installation project.

Find the appropriate location

See in places where the ceiling is cross with the walls of the House, since these are good places for location because it so protect cameras from things like rain, wind, Sun or hail.

Placing the camera close to the ceiling also gives good visibility of the area that you want to watch, minimizing the potential risk of vandalism.

For information about the location of a security camera outside, I recommend you read the article placed a security camera, since these steps speak about the process installation once you have the location.

Another reason so good idea is to place them on roofs is by cables that you will use, since it will facilitate the fact do pit and the wiring.

Wiring installation

Best for installation in wiring issues is to use a cable RG59 Siamese, since this type of cable is the most common and used to install CCTV cameras. This wire basically consists of a cable for video and other wire (positive and negative) energy, that is called Siamese.

After having the cable which will need is to find the point of entry and exit of the cable in the House. For example, in the United States most of the homes have attics so wires run there. Once you have chosen the room which will pass designate one place to your DVR and station for the monitor.

Once you have arranged places, have the RG59 cable to put the lines; If you purchased a cable is already RG59 with BNC connection can connect it directly to the line of DVR.

However there is RG59 wires coming without the BNC connection and have to buy and put aside before connecting the cable to the DVR.

What is the source of energy has two options:

  • You can place the connecting lines separately to the outlet with an AC adapter.
  • Or you can get a box of power, which would be a transformer or regulator, connect the line and is directly to the connection of the light.

Once you have installed video lines connect everything you need to turn on the DVR, including the connection of the monitor to this (remember that the monitor connection is separate).

As you can see it is not so complicated to perform an installation having clear the location and the type of team that you want to install.

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