How to Get Your First Bra

Choose her first bra is often an important event in the life of a young girl.Some develop a chest very early: around 9 or 10 years ago, others later: around 12 or 13 years old, but for all, this raises some questions and any concerns.

Here Lemon Curve advice to answer all these questions and reassure some of you.

When to Wear her First Bra?

  • On average, young girls wear their first bra or their first bra to 10 or 12 years, but it depends of each girl and age where they develop their chest.Bra not having for only one purpose to support the chest and keeping the breasts, it is not be necessary from a medical point of view, to wear one when you have a budding chest or a cup size has. It is recommended to wear a bra from a B Cup which has more need for support.
  • However, many girls also want to wear their first bra to hide their breasts under a shirt a little, because they do not yet feel comfortable with or simply because they think it is nice, to be like girls or even to feel ‘woman

What Model of Bra to Choose?

Choose the form that Should be:

Depending on the size of the chest we’ll choose a bra with or without frame.

  • For a chest barely growing, you should choose a bra or a triangle without frame model, since it does not need a lot of support.
  • For a slightly more developed chest already, you should opt for a bra with Underwire.

Choose material:

Better to focus on the Microfiber or cotton spandex which is very soft and comfortable, and if you want to hide a little small flaws of her nascent breast, we the chosen with foam “caps”. If you are buying your first sports bra, then Janesportsbras is a great choice.

Choose the model:

Here, it depends on the tastes of each! Collections of lingerie girls or teenage girls from brands are adapted to the needs of each: colors, printed, frou-frou, small knots, jewellery…

Remember ladies that moms are present for all your questions. And even if some approach the subject without complexes, others are more difficult to see you grow up. The essential is so to speak so that she understands your needs and helps find the perfect bra!