How to Get the Dog to Cherish Some Objects?

Who never bought a toy for your pet and he ignored it and didn’t even think to enhance the object? Or who has a dog that doesn’t play no way with their toys and prefer to pick up the personal effects of mentors and things of the House (especially the ones he can’t destroy)?

It is very important for your pet to have a choice of toys at and various different textures so that he can play, distraction and bite. Thus, we avoid the dog grab things he can’t play and stop destroying. In this article we will talk about how to value those toys to encourage your friend to play with his stuff, not yours.

Adding Love

You passed the pet shop and brought a teddy bear for your puppy. Came home and introduced the teddy bear for your pet and he didn’t give a damn. The first thing to do is to not let the bear played there in the toy box. Remember that your animal is very fond of objects that have the your smell, so a tip is to embrace a lot of the teddy bear, leave him in your bed while you sleep or put on your clothes drawer, for him to get the your smell, so it’s easier to your dog to have interest in the toy.

Another interesting tip is that you play with the bear. That’s right! To highlight an object or a toy, you can start playing with it alone and ignore your dog for a few moments. So, he will start to realize that that object is important to you and this will create great curiosity in him. So, you can take down the bear, for example, pretending that while he was playing he fell “accidentally”. Probably, it will generate some curiosity in your puppy and he will start interacting with the plush.

You can also enhance your positive animal (reward him with something he wants at that moment to repeat behavior; the reward can be love, praise, or a snack, for example) each time he gets close to the toy. So, if he gets the ball, you can compliment or enhance with a snack.

Act in the same way as he gets close to the ball. You can go by strengthening until he realizes that getting around or take the bear is calling to your attention and that is bringing benefits. Then, he’ll probably repeat this behavior several times, to continue to be strengthened. In time, he will move on to play, because that object already is important and is part of his stuff.

Another way to value an object is giving life to him. You can tie a string on the toy, put it on the floor and go dragging it slowly through the cord. In this way, the toy starts to move and stay much more fun for the puppy. Gradually, get moving faster until it passes to be interested too.

Constraint Is Part

Don’t let all the toys always available from your hair. This is also a way of valuing them. If your dog has 10 toys, let five available and the other five go replacing daily by initials. So every day he will have different toys, which will always be news.

Noting that it is important to find out if the toy is intended for your pet. Choose fragile toys for strong dogs, for example, can make the toy will last a short time or it can swallow parts of the broken object.

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When choosing a toy for your pet, take into consideration the size, the preferences by type, texture, if he likes toys with noise or not. So, you don’t run the risk of buying a noisy pastime for an animal which is afraid or don’t like noise and dropped in disgust that he doesn’t value the gift.