How to Get Tanned Skin Naturally

Make up Solar: tanned on the beach or in town with milk, oil and protections.Here is how to capture the sun’s rays.

It officially started hunting suntan! But if the holidays are still far, and this year will remain in the city-or, if you want to lend a hand to the natural rays of the sun or to those, less natural but effective, the beautician-that’s the make up and lines of cosmetics for the body give you a hand.

Milk and Suntan oil

Never without! More and more brands are introducing milk not only hydrating but tanning, and also studied compositions for the most sensitive skin. So L’Oreal, with new milk line Solar Expertise Gold Protection, with microparticles of oil, or the lines Sunific Lierac: Extreme, anti-stain, anti-wrinkle, and Solaire 1, 2, 3, for every need. The alternative more gettonata milk remains the oil – for the most delicate skins, great new Vichy Capital Soleil.

Make Solar up: Foundation and face Powder

And to give a final touch, we call in the aid make up : creams, foundation and compact lands enriched with sunscreens. Among the first, Sun Protection Compact Foundation Shiseido, a sunscreen SPF 30 UVA and UVB, anti-aging and antioxidant, long-lasting. Also try the compact foundation High Protection, SPF 50, completely mineral and suitable for sensitive skin, antioxidant and moisturizer.

As lands: 4Sun Bronzind Powder Pupa: 4 different colors for the various stages of tanning. 15 protection and anti-oxidant effect. Or you can bet on Iridescent Powder Lierac to SPF 30, anti-wrinkle and anti-stain, or bronzing powder long-lasting Lancôme Star Bronzer, available in colors natural matte finish or bright intense effect.

Or, on the brand new tanning powder Diorskin Dior, in 3 different colors.

The compact solar the aforementioned line of Vichy Capital Soleil, with intense UV protection, is ideal for sensitive skin. The product should be applied liberally and frequently in order to ensure effective protection even after the baths in the water or just after sweating. It allows you to even out the complexion and maintains a protection against damage caused by UV rays.

Make up da spiaggia

Tanned complexion and golden, for a sun-kissed skin. Just choose the right products, including lands, powder and foundation, but also pencils and blush, to choose which part of the face or body enhance, even in the beach-in this case make up slightly for the day, with protective base, and eyes just made ​​up, and I decided look for the evening.

We aim for the mouth of the protective action lip gloss, to hydrate and keep lips smooth, kissable. For the eyes, the better the eyeliner pencil, with the heat, but in any case-and thus also for the mascara – strictly waterproof.

On the beach and in the city, to even out the complexion without overloading the skin with oily and fatty, Sheer Mineral UV Defence of SkinCeuticals is ideal middle ground between solar and cosmetic: a solar fluid by the action moisturizing and protective against damage of UVA rays, the most aggressive in skin aging.

Being a formulation without chemical filters, the application should be renewed at frequent intervals to ensure the screen to sunlight. From ultra light texture, it should be shaken before use.

Do not Forget to Protect us

In addition to the normal precautions to protect the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight, and in addition to creams with suitable protective factors, it may be useful to put in your bag even some product specifically designed to protect the most sensitive parts. For example, the Targeted Protection Stick Clinique, or wipes Wipes Summer Kiko, perfect for the beach thanks to dissolve salt and anti-sand. Beside these, we do not less than products specifically designed for the hair.

Here is tan skin makeup for your inspiration: