How to Do Side Hairstyles

How to make super simple side hairstyles.To escape the monotony of everyday life when it comes to beauty, one of the best alternatives is to bet on different hairstyles. Usually we end up using the loose threads, no plan for anything different, but it’s always good to have an “up” in visual. To achieve this without losing too much time the hairstyles are simple, as the prisoners. Check out:

  • The side hairstyles are great for those who want an alternative charming and simple for the day to day following Health-beauty-guides, but can also be very useful on feast days or we want a hair more tidy. How about we start learning how to make a ponytail on the side? Is very simple, just brush the wires and pull to the side slightly, using an elastic band to bind off. Do curls at the ends so that the visual more elaborate. With bangs to the same side is super feminine.
  • Another way to attach the wires to the side without spending a lot of time, break the head, is the snuggely buggley waggely. Very easy, start brushing the strings, then a straight line on the side of the hair, dividing it. Play the bangs to the side that will stay with the fallen wires. On the other side, go winding a strand from the ear and joining with other wires until you reach with this next roll neck. Finish securing with Staples.

You can also do the same step by step above but instead of stalling the Wicks, you pull back and hold the hair with some restraint. Or, also, use this side to make an embedded braid and arrest more bellow.