How to Decorate Your Room Vintage

Have you ever seen stock photos and pictures about vintage decoration which are incredibly perfect? We have an idea that can make them much more real to you.

Vintage Style Decoration

Although the lighting is a simple factor, it makes all the difference in the production of these images. So, we brought some tips about lamps and vintage fixtures for you to adopt the style in your environment and feel more comfortable than in any of these photos.

In the decoration, fashion and design as well as in art, vintage style  plays an important role because of its proposal to go back to the past in a more mordern way, making the head of hipsters, from antiques collectors to even those who like more modern styles.

Most photos, mainly in terms of decoration, focus on the feature of very aesthetic cool and warm vintage style, and we agree that the result is usually amazing. And the pictures, these lamps can go straight to your home.


First, we want to introduce you to the Thomas Edison lamps. The collection with carbon filament pieces takes its name just by remembering the incandescent business signs, one of the greatest creations of the inventor.

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Its well-defined formats, especially the round and yellowness make up a totally vintage look. If you want to acclimatize your home, room or office in that way, invest in these lamps without fear of making mistakes.


Want to bet even more on vintage? Combine the Edison lamps with a special fixture can be a good.

You can choose pieces with different design and wood, which reinforce the rustic aesthetic and also is very striking in vintage environments.

Or you can opt for a more indirect lighting with pendant, lamps with filters or lamps. Here, the rustic style need not prevail. Vintage lighting also fit well in modern environments and industrial ambiance.

Is it easier to imagine this idea in your house? So be sure to get your lamp or vintage light fixture here, and if you want, then send a photo for us to know how it was.