How to Decorate a Pumpkin for Halloween

Differs from everything because he dressed in the yarn is ready to admit that the result is an impression me. Pumpkins look incredibly smart and so cute just want to hug them. Pumpkins wash and wipe dry. Their surfaces must be clean for a decent yarn stuck.

Prepare yarn. Starting from the tail begin to wrap the yarn squash pumpkin. Apply glue around the tail rotor and hold the pumpkin by wrapping the yarn around it like a downward spiral. In it accurately reflects the image above. So beautiful yarns whole pumpkin. And looks finished and ready for pumpkin. Leave her alone, that the glue to dry. View Foodezine for Halloween costumes.
Similarly cover the pumpkin with some other more sophisticated forms, decorative pumpkin. You can also rotate the yarn in a spiral around its axis, as shown in the picture! Pumpkin is not so beautiful twisted yarn this time it wrapping around the pumpkin, but sticking to fragments from top to bottom, as shown in the picture above and looks like a pumpkin decorated in this way.
You can also decorate their pumpkin rosettes yarn. This is the selected color of yarn and tie the knot at the end! Collapse spiral yarn into a knot in the center. Apply a drop of glue here and there that the coil remained assigned. Shape when he completed a sufficient amount of end fiber, yarn and cut adhesive spiral with others need more of these sockets, a nice spiral prepared pumpkin. This pumpkin rosettes and highest …