How to Combine Your Bikini Or Bathing Suit with Towels

In Towels personalized , we will show you How to combine your bikini or bathing suit with towels. Summer will soon be the preferred destination is the beach. Get a Tan naturally, take a swim in the crystal-clear, walking on the sand, are those impossible to ignore life’s pleasures. Bikini (unless you want to go to nude beaches) and towels are essential elements in this place. It remains fashionable and tries to take care of your personal hygiene avoiding the shared use of the same.

Help! Do I choose which bikini?

This summer you can try fashion “bandeau” or, without Suspender type curtain bikinis according to Picktrue. They are quite aesthetic, not leave sun brands, if after attending the beach, you want to wear bare. Have use them a pattern to follow monochromatic, each piece to a different color, prints, ornaments, etc. Taste and preferences are important to feel comfortable with your figure.

However, if your breasts are large is recommended those who incorporate strips tied around the neck, not the bandeau. If they have a style that will help not to lose the shape of the chest is best because they favor your silhouette. One of the models denied to disappear is the triangle; a classic year, summer after summer… do not go out of fashion and are always kept on the rise despite the innovations.

You characterized by having long or short legs? It is a relevant factor to be considered in the selection. Short legs are lengthened by placing you panties in waist high, small, Brazilian style that will make you look good sexy. If the opposite happens, the main option is to wear shorts because they will mark the top of your thighs.

The trikinis and bathing suits are ideal for women more conservative not them striking show some skin. With regard to color can say that you must study the options that you have in mind, this form does not highlight wrong. The dark tones give a perception of discretion as well as prints or complicated patterns. Wears black, dark blue, etc, when the end is this. The adverse effect is produced by light colours such as white.

According to the proportions of your body you can take stock and choose a color clear at the top and dark one in the bottom or vice versa. The important thing is to play; It looks good!

Tips for bathing suit for men

  • The most comfortable and stylish to the eye are those who arrive at mid-thigh and are below the groin, although if you want to select something more attached to the standard term you could search those boxer shorts, out of troubles and as all classical, not failure.
  • Elegance is also provided by the swimsuit closing a cord tied properly, luce. Alternatively, you can get it in velcro.
  • The pastel colours are well if your skin is brunette, if it doesn’t, discard it completely and settle on dark colors.
  • It is interesting if you have pockets, but remember to empty them to take a dip. If they do not like, nothing happens. Without them it is not that you alter the equation.
  • It is important to note the following: patterned bathing suit = polo or smooth unicolor t-shirt and vice versa. We have custom t-shirts for you, find the ideal this summer.
  • Continuing the theme of combinations it avoids at all costs extend the pattern to the towel if your bathing suit has this kind of designs. It is not recommended at all.