How To Combine Leopard Legging

The animal print is fashionable and the most devastating is theleopard print. If you haveleopard leggings in your closetand never know how to combine in one, we give you some tips to discover the ideal models for this raunchy piece of clothing.

The following shows you how to match leopard leggings and display, thus, a sexy, feminine and very fashionable look.

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1 With red: a very feminine and jovial option is to combine leopard leggings with red pieces. You can choose a red blouse, leaving the rest of the look to match the earthy tones of the leopard print or, if you prefer, you can wear brown tones and wear red accessories: shoes, purse or red lips. It is a very sexy combination, perfect for the most daring women.

2 With white: A perfect look to wear during the day is to combine leopard leggings with white pieces. If you want to go to the office, we recommend that the white piece is elegant and formal, for example a silk blouse or a shirt with a baby collar: this will give a stylish and sophisticated touch to your leopard leggings look.

3 With Baby Pink: A very chic and very feminine combination is matching leopard leggings with a pink baby piece. To avoid that the look is common, it is best to opt for an elegant piece that gives this degree of sophistication that will give you a unique style; A good option is to wear a pink baby blazer or a silk shirt.

4 With black: one of the ideal combinations for leopard leggings is with black colored pieces. This look can be worn both in the morning and at night, everything will depend on the accessories you choose for your outfit: dressing in a black mesh and low boots, the look will be perfect for strolling through the city during the day; Dress in heels and a small bag, will be ready to devour the night.

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