How to Combine a Black Dress

A black dress can be one of the most simple, practical and versatile that you can have in your wardrobe. It serves for several occasions, both the more formal as the most mundane. To use it correctly and appropriately, here’s how to combine it with the right accessories:The your dress can have one of several possible models, with strapless neckline, swimmer, square, in “V”, canoe, round, well, varied. Your skirt can be straight, evasê, transfixed, Tulip or pencil. The important thing is to combine it with shoes, bags and accessories for every occasion.

If you need to use your little black dress on one occasion during the day, for example, you can bet on a blazer with white shoes black round nozzle (or nude also serves) and medium to small bag, preferably in nude or black. The accessible rivers should be the most discreet, as point of light earring.

Now, if you’ll use your trend black dress at a graduation party, anniversary or wedding, use a shoe more cool, with applications to metal or precious stones, larger earring and dispense the coat. The bag needs to be small, a structured clutch or moldable leather.

For a more informal occasion, use the black dress with a sandal with rope or jump Anabela Cork, purse, bag type average maxi earrings or necklace with colored maxi pedrarias to cast off. So you can go to the Mall, to the movies, lunch with the family and more.