How to Choose the School Shoes

It should be kept in mind that the shoe will be on the feet of our children for 5 hours or more, in order to choose a good shoe is essential not to cause pain in the legs, fungus, ingrown toenails and even deformation.

Tips to consider when choosing school shoes

When the task is to buy school shoes for our children, we should consider these recommendations, would be very beneficial to start the year with “good standing”.

  • school shoes to protect your feet and last all year. Ideally they are closed and bow.
  • It is better to take the child and buy the shoes after a day of activity. Once the foot is more swollen. You should always try it with socks.
  • Measure both shoes and floor allow a good stretch in-store
  • Should be of soft leather, should not press the foot, but should not be too large, because they can cause bone and joint deformities.
  • The tips should be wide, so that the fingers are comfortable and malformations of the same does not occur.
  • The sole should be of rubber, plastic and tab must be filled in.
  • The heel should be firm to avoid bad posture.
  • Seams must be partners, if there is a collision, certainly hurt the child.
  • Touch the tip of the shoe and finds the longest finger (which is not always the fat finger or thumb do not touch the tip.
  • The shoe should be used for College, not for sports or other activities.
  • The eyelets through which the bonds will be, to prevent breakage when adjusted shoes.
  • The shoe should be low, that is, avoid butt type, since it prevents the free movement of the ankle.

It is also important that children understand the efforts made by parents to give you the best shoes, so it would be important to teach them the proper maintenance thereof, as lustrarlos, sanitize and even be careful not to wet them or do sports with them.