How to Choose the Right Scarf

Scarf is one of those little add-ons that will prove a great service. Overall appearance outfit uplifts, and revives tunes. Choose it carefully. If you can not decide between multiple pieces of the supplement, take all unosíte them.

Famous Women magic shawl appeared long ago. He wears them almost constantly. So what if it’s winter scarf considered as a supplement, Jessica Alba chocolate brown, light-hearted, but wide scarf hesitate to put even firecrackers. Scarf is not only a long piece of wool fringed designed for cold winter days, much more is now a fashion accessory for any occasion. If you are after all only you choose scarf for the winter, know that flies either a long, thin scarves, or vice versa wide, calm and atypical triangular shape, or those in which it can be a wrap.

As for color, are very current monochrome scarves of bright colors, which must be in harmony with the final outfit. Do it needed as Christina Aguilera, her red scarf that align with lipstick, nail polish and a handbag. Trends are also brightly colored scarves or those in pastel colors. This type of shawl beautifully lit black clothes. Beware When choosing a material, however, you should watch and material. Scarf is to be in contact with delicate and many women even sensitive skin, neck and decollete. Cashmere scarf can not afford to everyone, and therefore choose at least other natural materials that are high quality and gentle to the skin. Scarf and try to touch his skin.

If you are looking for something extra, try a cup of thin lightweight, worn and models such as Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen. It should not exceed 6 cm wide and fine material. Particularly impressive has metallic cup of sequins, you must wear a dress with a floral print on balls. Also hit gold, purple or black scarf with tassels. Thin hot cups are fashion accessories that will replace the jewelry, and for this year’s unusually warm winter are ideal.