How to Choose the Ideal Skirt Model

Timeless, always skirts are in fashion. Enter station, leaves the station, and they reappear in many different models and lengths. Play icon of feminine wardrobe, they leave the woman who use much more delicate, elegant and charming.However, each skirt style requires a proper silhouette and occasion to be used. To learn how to use the play the right way, see below, what are the models of existing skirt and which one suits your body type:

Pencil skirt/longuete:

This kind of skirt is ideal for longilíneas women, with the bust measure similar to the hip, for your cut be straight and adjusted to the body. With this, do not favor the lowest, fat, or that have wide hips, because the model flattens the silhouette of them and very mark the body.

Ball Skirt:

The skirt is an excellent ball asked to those women who have a hip less than the width of the shoulders, as it balances the silhouette, creating specific volume at the bottom of the body. They are suitable also for women wide hip and thicker thighs, because the model larger measures, yet disguises, they should choose godês skirts that are not bulky.

-Evasê Skirt:

Classic and sophisticated, the evasê is the right choice for women with hips wider, since the model adjusted to the body begins and ends by opening at the knees, which disguises the measures and helps to smooth the curves. Who is overweight should avoid pleats and straight styles not to create volumes. Instead, the best options are the models of long length, close to his knees.

-Balloon Skirt:

Darling of the youngest, the balloon skirt brings a more delicate style, furrowed and incredible, which consequently increases the volume of the hips and the belly. It is therefore ideal for skinny girls, who want to gain a more rounded silheta. The tall women should invest in models up to the knee and if it is low on on top of the thigh.

-Pleated skirt: model hit of the moment, the pleated skirt came back with everything. But, being a model that increases the hip, is better suited for those who have narrow hips. However, the more voluptuous can, Yes, use the pleated, just need to be careful with the colors, and choose monochrome models and dark colors.

-Leave Envelope:

Versatile, this model can be used at any time. However, the envelope requires caution. As the envelope consists only in a strip of cloth wrapped around the body and imprisoned by a button or Ribbon, problems may occur in time to open. To prevent this, the template must be in the correct size, and trim. Overweight women should use the envelope with a length of two fingers above the knee, to the short skirt short envelope is the right version.

-Tulip Skirt:

Chunky waist, narrower on the bar, and with pleats or ruffles at the top, the Tulip skirt is not the model recommended for women with breasts and hips bulky, or who are overweight because they add even more volume in the abdomen, leaving the exaggerated silhouette and l ook loaded. However, are perfect for those who have the rectangular body or hourglass-shaped, because add volume to the hip, giving the impression of curvilinear shapes.


Sexy, but also dangerous, the miniskirt requires caution in time to be used. Not to let the visual, you must be with your legs and hips, as well as to adapt the model the right occasion, more relaxed and detached productions, as well as avoid using them with very high heels, short or very low-cut blouses.