How to Choose the Bra According to Your Type

It is foolish to think that there are only two types of breasts, the small and the large. In fact, they differ greatly in format and can be classified into seven types.

Knowing what is yours can help you buy bras that best fit your breasts, valuing them and providing more comfort.

Do you want to know which one is yours? Read this post and know the seven types of breasts and their characteristics.

1. Breasts In Bell

As the name says, these breasts are shaped like a bell, that is, thinner at the top and full at the bottom.

They are usually larger and therefore women with this type of breast should choose bras that offer support. Avoid half-cup models as they do not provide the necessary support for the sinus sinus.

2. Asymmetrical Breasts

The asymmetric breasts present a difference in size between them.

Among the different types of breasts, perhaps this is the most common, since most women have some degree of asymmetry. However, often, it is almost imperceptible.

Even if you have a relevant asymmetry in your breasts, a tip is to buy bras with removable bulge, so you can test and use only the smaller breast in order to make up for that difference. Here at you can get more different models of the fashion bras.

3. Thin Breasts

The thin, thin or thin breasts are small and have nipples pointing down. They are narrower at the top, full at the bottom, and usually longer than width.

Because they are smaller, it is recommended to wear a plunge-type bra with a bulge, as they increase in size and raise the breasts.

4. Breast In Droplet

As the name suggests, these breasts have the shape similar to a drop or tear, that is, rounded, but with less volume at the top.

They are very similar to thin ones – narrow at the top and full at the base – but are larger and rounder.

Among the different types of breasts, this is the easiest to hit when buying a bra, since most models look good on gut type breasts.

5. Spaced Breasts

The spaced-apart breasts – also known as lateral or separated – have a large space between them and are generally larger and rounder.

For this type of breast, the best bras are the plunge models, which give support and pull the breasts to the middle. The plunge bra is also a good option as it delineates and pushes the breasts to the center by having a slight bulge at the bottom.

6. East-West Breasts

This type of breast is very similar to the spaced, but the nipples and even the general shape of the breast point out.

For the east-west type, the recommended bra is the triangle model, which standardizes the shape and brings the breasts to the center.

Another detail is that this type of breast usually has more protruding nipples, therefore, it is important to choose models of bra that soften the protrusion of that region.

7. Round Breasts

The round breasts are equally filled both at the top and bottom.

Among the types of breasts, this is the most desired by women, as they are larger and rounded down without losing volume at the top.

Those who have round breasts do not need bras with frames, bumps or other devices to shape them, since they already have the perfect shape!

As well as knowing your size, knowing the different types of breasts – and knowing how to identify yours – will help you in the purchase of bras that value your shape and provide a more harmonic silhouette. And if you did not identify with any of the seven guys, do not worry. These are the most common types, but each person can have its particularities.