How to Choose the Best Postpartum Girdle

Giving birth to a child is a magical experience, of which women are keepers only, although some are afraid of the damage that the body can suffer during and after pregnancy. Today there are several tricks that women can use to suffer less and stay in shape even after childbirth. One of these is undoubtedly the postpartum sheath. Read the Guide to know the characteristics, types, how to use it and how to choose which post-partum sheathing according to criteria of quality, price and accurate information to the consumer.

Why do you use

The woman’s body during childbirth undergoes many changes. One of the most significant is the so-called abdominal Diastasis: a natural physiological process that involves moving abdominal bands to make room for the uterus. Once kidded abdominal bands need time to regain lost tone due to the weight, uterus expanding, the force exerted by the child and the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy causing a relaxation of connective tissue.

The growing fetus can stretch the abdominal muscle up to 50 percent.After giving birth, in the body of the woman, there are hormones produced during pregnancy–estrogen, progesterone and relaxin–which slow down the functioning of the abdominal muscles, pelvic structure and, finally, ligaments and joints.

Postpartum sheath can be a great help in providing greater stability to the body of the woman. It must be said, however, that the opinions of gynecologists regarding the use of this garment, are conflicting. Some strongly recommend to give effective support to abdominal muscles overstretched from pregnancy and childbirth before then. Other specialists are not very favorable to the use of the sheath, believing it can counter the re-education of the perineum and, in some cases, promoting incontinence. In fact, many women choose to rely on postpartum sheath to reduce stress of tired areas–making women safer movement–and to increase the body’s ability to return quickly to its pre-partum.

Postpartum sheath or not?

Why we resort to postpartum sheath are several: first of all need to bring relief to the back after the strong stress, carrying excessive weight for nine months, also this garment gives comfort and supports your spine.These features enhance ease the pains that often new mothers, making it an item of great interest and used by an increasing number of women.

Deciding to use postpartum sheath is an individual choice, at the discretion of individual needs. However, in some cases, its usefulness is obvious. For example, women who have had more than one pregnancy make it increasingly difficult to recover the previous figure and, although they have not worn the jacket after the birth of her first child, often used after the second delivery, recovering tone much faster, despite the difficulty in returning to form after having had more pregnancies. There’s certainly that this product is a source of relief for many women. Relief not only psychological, physical, sometimes even with the feeling of doing something good for themselves and their bodies, after having offered, for several months, to another human being.

The main action of the postpartum sheath is to portray the extension of the body, especially in the abdominal part, and at the same time also allows you to stretch your muscles and reduce strain on the ligaments and joints of the lower back, pelvis and buttocks. The womb, after having expanded more and more until you get to the ninth month, is suddenly emptied when putting forth the infant. And, although the skin is an elastic, excessive expansion like that of pregnancy is very difficult to absorb in a short time without damage as stretch marks and subsiding, because the rubber band you know once pulled a lot, never returns as before.

Postpartum sheath is one of wariness that many mothers use to limit the less pleasant aspects of childbirth and recover skin elasticity in short order. This product combines support skills, adapting perfectly to the female body and adjustable velcro side wings through special compression–– giving relief to the rectus abdominis and reducing the swelling of the uterus. In addition, the back lining integrates back support and improves posture giving valuable support to reduce stress caused by lifting and transporting of the newborn.

Caesarean section

First of all it must be said that immediately after the liner is not recommended because it may annoy the saturation points. Much more useful instead, at least for the first few days after surgery is the postpartum range. The main difference between the latter and the sheath consists precisely in the fact that, not being made to Pant, headband you can wear more easily and avoid direct contact with the wound.

For some women the wrapper is needed after the caesarean section just to get back up on your feet. This garment proves useful to provide support that will relieve pain caused by points, especially when get back on their feet and walk. In fact, without the support of a storage range, many moms can’t even get out of bed after cutting immediately in the lower abdomen. The postpartum range can help secure recovery by supporting the muscles around the engraving area. The effect is to reduce pain and allow the wearer to be more mobile and active, promoting a quicker recovery. As for the decision to use or not the band after cesarean delivery is always best to consult your doctor and, very often, hospitals advise about what to do. It must be said that, after the first few weeks, when the wound has healed and no longer causes pain, postpartum range, being more uncomfortable to wear, especially under clothing, it can be easily replaced with the sheath, the latter being more practical and easy.

How to choose

There are many models of post-partum sheath available on the market and which vary in price, color and design. The fabric cover is mainly made of elastic cotton, very body and reinforced on the abdomen allowing for easy fit but also a tight fit. It is important to choose the sheath with a hypoallergenic–very useful to avoid rash–and micro-porous to allow the skin to breathe and keep it so always fresh, dry and comfortable. The leg opening is anatomical with elastic finishing that facilitate better circulation. Many postpartum girdles are enriched with velcro tabs that give the possibility of fixing the garment on the flanks and belly as the regulated voltage drops.

This feature is very useful because you can tighten the garment and use it at different stages of the remise en forme, without the need to buy different size tubes for the various stages of recovery. Before buying any sheath or postpartum range it is always best to consult your doctor gynecologist or obstetrician to ask an opinion, advise on the best product and how to use it without unpleasant side effects. You must also consider the individual needs that you have because sometimes, especially after a caesarean, the band first and the sheath then might prove of good friends to support the muscles suffering and even your back tending to be bend because of the pain. Choose the right sheath is very important. The main feature that must own all conduits postpartum is the elasticity and have an adjustable closure that allows you to vary the pressure according to individual needs and can be adjusted as you retrieve the silhouette.

Some sheaths have a front insert strengthened but, sometimes, it can be inconvenient because it compresses too and can become uncomfortable if worn for a long time. The price of the sheath may vary from 20 euros to 40 euros, affordable cost to regain fitness after childbirth and alleviate back pains.

How do I use

About using the postpartum sheath there are different opinions and not always positive. Most women have reaped many benefits from this ploy to regain form and resize small trauma of pregnancy. To benefit fully of this garment you simply have some precautions in its use. The first advice is don’t use it immediately after childbirth the sheath, but wait a few days to give your body a chance to adjust to the new Setup. Also it is always better not to wear it 24 hours out of 24 because the body react too without support and abdominal muscles strive to regain the right tone.

Give birth to a child is a physical and emotional investment for a new mother. Postpartum sheath, in some cases, offers valuable assistance to make this fragile moment in a woman’s life.