How to Choose Sunglasses for the Younger?

The lens, which is the natural lens of the eye, is only fully formed around age 12. Thus, the child does not have any natural protection, does not tolerate UV rays. In order to take care of the eye health of the youngest, whenever it is sunny, it is advisable to wear sunglasses.

When choosing sunglasses for the youngest, you should take into account:

The lenses
The glasses should offer the maximum protection, being often the most important criterion. It is ideal to choose sunglasses that filter all UV rays.

Frame format
The frames of children’s sunglasses should have a good face coverage to better protect the eyes. The sunglasses should have high lenses and an arched shape with good coverage of the sides of the face, so that all angles are protected.

Comfortable and sturdy
sunglasses Often the glasses have good protection, a good shape of your frame, but they are not the ideas for the child’s face: sunglasses should not leave marks on the face, bite the ears or cause discomfort. 
Children can wear sunglasses for all occasions and so it is imperative that you choose a sturdy model.

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