How to Choose Men’s Belts

Without good quality belt does not cost any modern man.

This accessory gives the image of integrity and support of the image.

Proper belt made of high quality leather and finishing materials will last a long time without losing its looks.



Suit or trouser belts differ from design and has a width of about 3.5 cm, according to thedresswizard. A wider (about four centimeters) are belts in casual jeans style. Universal tape, suitable for any outfit, a width of not more than 3.5 santimetrov.Remen synthetic durable fabric may not look less respectable leather, but you must remember that the textile straps tend to stretch over time.


Good belts are made otvisokokachestvena skin, their square edges (slightly rounded), and ribs and painted. Volume gasket located between the right and wrong of the skin layers must correspond to that of density.


When buying note kolandebelinata suit and skin quality. The belt should be neither fat nor thin, when she leaned on the surface of the front and rear side there should be no traces of folds. The choice between recording and strap sewn on the perimeter to make a choice in favor of the latter, which will not delaminate over time. Single-layer men’s belts are considered more practical two-layer.


Check how stretches of kolanahorizontalno. Strong tension will talk about what to wear holes in which threaded locking the lock will be extended. Unstretchable belt can also cause discomfort. The ideal is considered to be stretching to 1 centimeter.


Buying leather Chernin imitation leather of exotic animals for cover. Very often in leather is applied to the polymer film, which then begins to fray and peel off.