How to Choose Glasses According to the Face

Or, the glasses say a lot about the personality of a person. And, therefore, should complement the look with style and elegance, highlighting the strengths of the face. The glasses also dropped in like fashion and have become a key accessory in any production, appearing in different forms, colors and styles.

The shape of the frame should suit the shape of your face. If you have the oval face, prefer a more rounded or oval frame;

-Square Face:

Of strong traits, with broad forehead and protruding jaw, square face asks models that suavizem the hard contours. Rounded frames extend the eye area. Avoid dark frame straight format accentuates the austere lines of the face. Prefer the Aviator models or fully rounded, with gradient lenses, which disguise the sharp jaw.

-Round Face:

If the Chin and forehead are rounded, the face should be balanced with square or rectangular frames. Light shades disguise the volume up and down the line of glasses. Avoid round frames, because they repeat the outline of your face, broadening the ways. Prefer the rectangular model with clear frame, that balance the forehead and Chin areas.

-Triangular Face:

With big forehead and Chin, thin face asks narrow models, which give the illusion that the jaw is wider. Avoid frames with low bottom, covering the cheekbones.Prefer gradient lenses and frames, frameless narrow at the bottom, that help enlarge the jaw.

– Oval Face:

It’s the kind of face more harmonious, because no evidence forehead, Chin or jaw.All frame types look good in them. Just be careful with the glasses that contrast with your skin, and avoid heavy frames, to hide the eyebrows. To keep the look heavy. The oval face is perfect with rectangular glasses, delicate and vibrant colors.