How to Choose Barbecue

Synonymous with the weather and usability, our selection of barbecues for cooking light and delight your guests.

Key ally of our summer meals, BBQ is not chosen randomly.

How to Choose Barbecue

To be sure to select the model best suited to your needs barbecue, it is essential to ask the right practical questions. First of all what will be the frequency of use? Are you going to use it frequently or occasionally? What is the average number of guests to serve? Do you often receive many guests? What dishes will – be the Cook? Get ready more grilling than fish? The barbecue will be installed on a balcony, a terrace or in a garden? All of these will be decisive in the size and shape of your barbecue.

Then comes the question of fuel. There are 3 categories of barbecue: barbecue charcoal, gas barbecue and finally the electric barbecue.

If they have the space allocated, the followers of meat grilled in the small smoky taste so special, would not hesitate to opt for the model of the traditional barbecue, charcoal barbecue. Only downside to this type of barbecue? The cooking is a bit long and must be monitored constantly. But is it not there, all the charm of the charcoal grill?

Barbecue gas, like the stove, has the advantage of providing a controlled and faster food cooking. Gas grills also have many options for various methods of cooking: kitchen to the wok to a la plancha, kitchen the stonegrill or even cooking in the oven. Because they are often wide, gas grills are particularly recommended if you often receive a lot of people.

Finally, if you have a balcony and that you expect to receive friends, nothing not barred barbecue, but in this case prefer the electric barbecue. This urban model par excellence is compact and, thereby, settles on a table inside and outside on a balcony.

Regardless of the cooking method you prefer, we offer a selection of charcoal, gas and electric grills for barbecue at Find one that will match your culinary desires most.