How to Choose a USB Flash Drive

Flash card in its classical form like an elongated rectangle or a flattened cylinder with a removable cap, a capping port USB. However, under a variety of modern flash drives meet a variety of size and design solutions.

The following types of flash drives by type USB connector:

Classics-They closed connection cap. Such models are reliable in terms of long-term use.Its only drawback-the possibility of loss of the cap.

With retractable connector. A substantial disadvantage of such devices is the fragility of the mechanism which locks the latch. Consequently, there can be problems with the installation of the reader.

With twist mechanism-such models sufficiently reliable, “durable”.

Flash Drive Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 DT101G2 128 GB / 128 GB – compact, practical and inexpensive bearing with swivel design without a cap. The model is suitable for anyone looking to save money and receive a great volume like

With an open connection. Keep this kind is also reliable and practical. Its only drawback – exposure to the open port put it dust and moisture.

Dimensions and type of devices are exclusively a matter of taste, but there are some rules that must be followed.

The first rule is: The less moving parts and sophisticated gadgets – the better. Everything revolves and advances, fail quickly.

The second rule: If the enclosure flash drive “fat” or simply “wrong” form (for example, such devices are colorful souvenir stick figures, such as cartoon characters and a variety of household items), most often you will not be able to with him to join his other USB device.Since the USB-outs on the computer of one another, two flash drives just do not fit together usually near.

Continuing the theme of housing dimensions USB drives, you should also mention the miniature and compact models. So, stick to 25 mm in size ideal for laptops, tablet PCs, TVs and radios.

About the material body. A very important quality flash drive is the material of his body.Pick-up should it, how often you use a USB flash drive, as well as take into account the degree of cautious attitude to support it.

Shells flash drives are: metal, rubber and plastic. The latter are the least reliable, particularly with respect to devices with retractable connector. Metal housings are extremely reliable and have a solid appearance. When we talk about the case of rubber, they are the best solution: provide impact resistance and protection against moisture and dust.

Additional functions

Among the many models of USB hubs, there are also those who, in addition to its main function (storage), offer a variety of additional functions.

Among them:

  • copy;
  • Data encryption;
  • easy work;
  • the presence of a card reader;
  • Availability display, electronic watches and even a flashlight.

Significantly, the presence of a module for fingerprint and similar advanced features is rarely need for most users, so think about the necessity of their presence in your flash drive.

Original USB stick toy Philips 32GB network with plastic housing 32 GB. Among the advantages of the model: easy opening and unpacking, a handy feature extraction


So, when selecting a USB flash drive, try even to determine exactly what you store in it, and how often they are used, because of its speed and volume depends on the price.

For example, if you store it in the small files (text documents, presentations, etc.), then you would be enough for 4 or 8 GB.

If a USB drive to store pictures and music, then pay attention to the units 16 and 32 GB.

Note also interface means which depend on the data transfer rate “gadget” and the computer.

Another important factor-the size of the device, because a very small device is very easy to lose, and a very large amount to some discomfort during its transmission or use. Also keep in mind and body material. The most reliable are the metal and rubber.

And do not forget about the brand: try to choose the stick those companies that have established themselves as a manufacturer of reliable, high-quality USB devices.