How to Choose a Suitcase Size

Size of the Suitcase for a Weekend

Going on a weekend in the countryside, the sea or city trip? Choose a cabin suitcase ! Compact and convenient, it will allow you to walk with comfort and effortless.

A suitcase cabin (up to 56 cm in height) can contain many things despite its small size, thanks to optimized and functional storage space. If you are flying, the advantage is especially to not split up his suitcase and his business keep it with you in the cabin. And lack of baggage, means above all save time.


However, one must choose a light cabin suitcase because you will need to carry it all the time with you. In addition, some airlines impose very strict dimensions and a maximum weight cannot be exceeded to avoid supplements.

Size of Cabin Suitcase

Space in the cabins of aircraft is very small, each traveler must take a cabin suitcase meets the regulatory dimensions of the different airlines.

If your bag exceeds the imposed strict dimensions, companies will not hesitate to impose a tax of last minute, or even save your suitcase in the hold. It is therefore essential to inquire in advance about the size cabin imposed by the airline for your next flight.

For the dimensions in force, nothing simpler: search for your next flight company and the size of cabin baggage.

NB: check that the wheels are included in the dimensions.

Size of Cargo Bag

The warm weather arrives and a longer trip to refine? Today, you know, the choice of the size of the suitcase is important. This is why we seek to enlighten you at best in the choice of your big suitcase (more commonly called suitcase of bunker).

What size bag for 1-2 weeks?
For stays of a week or two, it will choose an suitcase average (approximately 56 to 70 cm height).

What size suitcase for 3 weeks?
Going on a long trip or on great vacation? Opt for a suitcase of more than 70 cm (height). This will bring you to your storage space, whether it’s clothes or accessories.

What size of 23 kg suitcase?

23 kg is the weight limit for cargo bags. Indeed, each passenger may carry free 23 kg of luggage, sometimes more, sometimes less, according to the companies and the class of tickets.

For your choice of size, everything will depend on the content of your suitcase, that is if you bring only clothes, business light, or much heavier personal effects. The only requirement is the limit of 158 cm (length + height + width).

So you can at your convenience to bring you a suitcase cabin bag 65 cm or75 cm suitcase, you see.