How to Choose a Plaid Shirt

While it was thought Dowdy, the closet since the 1990s, the Plaid Shirt is back for a few years and stands out as a must have in any men’s wardrobe self-respecting. Regardless of the type of tiles, scope on a raw denim completely closed until the collar as do the Hipsters, or open letting see a plain example, t-shirt the Plaid Shirt conquers more and more followers.

We know that to vary the pleasures, it is good to have several styles of shirts of different colours but the Plaid Shirt seems to stand out.

Zoom in on this garment become essential.

Types of tiles

To choose your Plaid Shirt, it is essential to bring order in this hodgepodge of tiles proposed to us.

The first type is the vichy tile, way tablecloth restaurant. The tiles are more or less great but overall is still two-tone. Basically, more tiles are small, more your shirt will be elegant. It must be inevitably worn with the buttons closed. If the buttons are fairly large, will free a casual effect and you can then leave the first two buttons at the top open.

What is flannel shirts, they can be worn open with a t-shirt underneath.

The tiny tiles on a shirt in cotton financier, businessman or teachers were very trend… in the late 90s and early 2000.

The operating instructions for the Plaid Shirt

There are several ways to wear the shirt at tiles according to the style you want to adopt. Should you wear with closed neck or leave a few buttons open? Wear a t-shirt underneath or put nothing? Wear a belt at your waist? With or without pull?

Here are a few variations that will help you see more clearly:

Hipster: the Plaid Shirt is fully buttoned, and joined permanently assumed and highly aesthetic style.

Casual: the Plaid Shirt is completely open. It is a classic of the weekend, walks on the beach. Worn with a shirt with a v-neck or round-neck tank, it is often found associated with a beige Chino pants and a pair of running. A real street-style.

Grunge: less than 20 years did not have this great era in the early 1990s with a band like Nirvana who was the quintessential emblem. The grunge style is on the front of the stage and that’s why we find not on itself, but rather around the belt. Here, the Plaid Shirt is more a prop than a garment full.

If you want to be on top in the grunge style, the trick is to move the sleeves of the shirt to tiles in passers-by of the jeans and tie it to the level of your belt.


The style

Whatever happens, the Plaid Shirt is not chosen randomly.

The Mensshirtsshop says, it is important to choose proper men’s shirts depending on your body: If you’re strong enough or rather strong, it is advisable to opt for a long shirt with small tiles or with vertical pinstripes to mitigate the forms.

If you don’t have a lot of chest, if you have small shoulders, then you better avoid too wide shirts and opt for the large tiles.

Fashion is also a question of tastes and colours and that’s everyone to enjoy what suits her best: However, it is always better to choose a monochrome, single color or two-color Plaid Shirt as the absence or the few colors allows you to have more flexibility to match your shirt with your pants.

Light colors are always better: the plaid shirts can be worn with pants pleated with your favorite jeans, the tiles to be thin and discreet enough to assure you a refined and elegant style and not a side “logger”.

With a Plaid Shirt, you will always have the style, whatever your look.

The question of the t-shirt

Dress codes change and evolve constantly and what was happening 10 years ago is perhaps more appropriate these days.

That is why, on the Plaid Shirt, the t-shirt is to be banned if you are in a formal setting because this will give you a side (too much) casual for the occasion.

On the contrary, for a night at the beach, an outing with friends, choose the t-shirt with a flared collar that will be worn under a shirt cut.

In terms of colour, should not be mistaken as ‘fashion faux-pas’ is never far away. Remember to always bring your colors and pass never more than 3 colors. It is best to wear a t-shirt United under your Plaid Shirt. On the other hand, if the shirt is patterned and it becomes more conspicuous than the new.