How to Choose a Men’s Scarf

When choosing a scarf note that square and oblong provide more opportunities for combining different clothing because they can be tied and worn in different ways. The shape of the tube can be changed only somewhat and to this end should be used or safety pin brooch.

Even if you have a good financial opportunities, it is advisable to buy scarves that you can wear it with as many of your clothes. There is little point buying someone just because you decided it would be a great addition to a certain dress or blouse.

Do not compromise on quality just because enticingly low price. If you want to you can wear a scarf long time, it must be made of natural fabrics. Winter best choice are crocheted models and those of cotton. If you can afford cashmere scarf, did not hesitate – definitely worth the investment.

Bring the edges of square and rectangular scarves tucked into a coat because it creates more elegant and modern appearance.

Between matter of this shawl and clothes should not have excessive contrast. A thick and bulky winter scarves do not go too thin clothes and vice versa.

If you wear a long scarf ends off his coat, keep in mind that they should not fall below the edge, suggested by medicinelearners. That upset the balance in the outfit. Tie a scarf so that its ends are shorter. The easiest way to do it is to just wrap it once around your neck.

When choosing a scarf must comply with the peculiarities of your figure. If you are tall and thin, you’re lucky because you can carry a whole range of models in whatever way you wish. However, if you are too low, avoid too bulky scarves because they will further shrink your figure. So will many long models that require large coil around the neck. Full women also should avoid these two types of scarves, as they will add more volume to their figure.

When you put a scarf for the first time or have it tied in a new way, it is advisable to look at the large mirror before you leave the house. Some models stand better if centered in the middle of the body and others if they are pushed aside. This may seem a minor detail, but in fact has a big effect on your overall outfit – both positive and negative. Make sure you secure your first.