How to Choose a Bathroom Style

Place of well-being and relaxation, the bathroom today is a room full, and reflects a new art of living. She becomes a space of relaxation, meditation and escape, the opportunity to decorate the bathroom with style and spirit.

What style for your bathroom?

Traditional or ultra modern, zen or Bohemia, nature or sophisticated, or even completely unusual, the style of your bathroom reflects your personality. It is the time to redo or fine-tune its décor, from looking for something new in terms of furniture, colors, facilities and materials.


If you are not quite sure of you and of the style you want, browse through decorating magazines, visit specialty shops, punch catalogues of manufacturers to address the environments that you like. Complete your documentation with samples of tiles and shades of paint. Ask also about maintenance of the materials. Some types of decorations can you please and do not correspond to your environment, your way of life, to the configuration of the premises or your means. Think about the best way to get closer to the bathroom of your dreams without for it blowing your budget. With all the products and materials available in DIY, you can achieve ‘ in the spirit of… ‘. “at lower cost.

Free-standing bathtub without tap hole and curtain system Cooper to be fixed to the ceiling, B’ Bath.

A classic style bathroom

If your heart is torn for the classic style inspired the first bathrooms at the end of the 19th century, its antiquated charm fits well in an old House.

Today, you can opt for this style through reissues that perfectly mimic the old in less heavy materials, especially the bathtub, and with current safety and comfort for the fittings or lighting. You can also find your happiness at specialised antique dealers.

The floor plays a big role. There is Tile terracotta former quite expensive at the recyclers of materials. For a lower cost, some new terracotta perfectly mimic the old. Cement tiles are also typical of this style of décor. As to the existing floor, can be often wax or, more conveniently, the vitrify, or even paint it, without damage to the spirit of the place. Wall, the tile is often white, sometimes cant as that of the Paris metro. On uneven walls, verticalwainscoting is an interesting solution that also allows to hide the piping.

Classic style revisited with this model “X & Y” atmosphere bath.

Contemporary style bathroom

The contemporary style is characterized by its minimalism, according to necessaryhome. In a sleek style, the bathroom shows that the essential elements. The closets are discreet and everything is carefully stowed behind their walls smooth, often free from handles. The shapes are straight or following very studied curves. The colours show a great serenity: from pure white to deep black through all degrees of gray, and materials: waxed concrete, Corian®, and other composites, of slate in large slabs, granite…

Clear glass and sand glass also have their place, as well as the wood hard, polished and very smooth, to net angles.

In this universe, we imagine gladly a bath-sculpture, stone, wood or even glass. With adequate clothing, a standard bath can also perfectly agree. As for the sink, it may be that very graphic. The faucet, stainless, characterised by the sobriety of its design while being very powerful.

By day, light is invisible. It can be integrated in spots in the ceiling or indirect, looking out from the top of the wall. It can also be provided through a Zenithal slab of translucent glass. In this calm atmosphere, towels and bath sheets fit tone on tone or are simply white.

Very contemporary and minimalist, the Roll of Bath Shop atmosphere. As a piece of paper rolled, the cauldron plays elegance and lightness of lines in white ceramic.

A bathroom in mind recycling

Style récup ‘ is conceived as a “total look” or in small touches, with washbasin and bath new, or even design to create an interesting contrast. Thanks to ask or drop-in sinks, many antique furniture can serve as a countertop: table of Draper, furnished of Seedsman, office, old washstand with marble top, etc. Simply drill a hole for the evacuation, and possibly to the faucet.

The bathrooms themselves are recoverable in flea market: sink early century on column, stamp office, community or laboratory sink, possibly metal. It is porcelain, check that it does not crack and can connect the faucet.

If you choose a cast-iron bathtub, beware of the weight, which is around 400 kg. For his second life, paint the exterior in a color given to the décor, or even give him a rusty appearance, using an appropriate product. A new bath fits in a formwork in gross, protected by a water repellent wood slats, or rough concrete, or even dressed in an apron in sheet metal. The lime paint is very indicated in a bathroom. Lightly pigmented and past diluted layers, it gives the wall look old.

Lighting should respect safety standards, it is best to choose suitable reissues.

A bathroom with distant inspirations

When we traveled a little, the influence of the countries where the bath is an institution is felt in the décor. For lovers of sauna, the Finnish mind cannot exist without the presence of the wood on the walls and the bath. For accessories, tubs and indigo-dyed linen are in order. In this spirit of well-being, the bathroom tadelakt is not without mentioning the side hammam.

Without intervening on the invoice of the bathroom, the taste of it also can be felt only in the decoration, made up of Indian closet doors or a collection of combs African… Then without particular favorite style, you can really bring a lot of personality to this piece because of the color. White, symbol of cleanliness, still dominates to the sinks and bathtubs, but color invests furniture toilet, storage, building plans and walls.

The Tile comes in an infinite number of shades. Many colors can be combined between them, harmony or contrast. Gray shades (Mole, turtledove, sand) participate in all environments.Gray, from real to black, are more readily found in very contemporary. Blue, sky, or pulling on the turquoise or overseas, are signs of freshness. Green does not look good. Yet, some Greens are well suited to the bathroom: celadon green, pulling on the turquoise, green anise, in moderate doses, and persimmon, who enters the rather male bathrooms. The bright, modern colors and ICMI, are popular including athletes and children.

Ethnic spirit with materials with soft lines, shaped by hand, like tadelakt. Picture of Bruno Warion from the book “successful bathroom” at Fleurus editions.