How to Accessorize a Sweater Dress?

Accessories are the style, we told you and repeated … yes, but to choose to emphasize your sweater dress? Jewelry, belts, scarves, make the sorting in the closet. Our site teach you the secrets of a well-accessorized mesh figure!

Sweater Dress and Accessories, the Golden Rules

The principle applies to all silhouettes, but particularly essential for sweater dress: no in-between! In other words ? Discrete or assumed, accessories play unique or accumulation, without half measures. Wear a bracelet or six, a bib necklace, one pendant or four pearl necklaces: the sweater dress, enhanced by a clean look or bohemian responsible way, supports the intermediate wrong. Finally, avoid all the accessories that catch! A sweater dress is made ​​of mesh, can be learned and damaged by the reliefs of necklaces, rings or belts.

What Necklaces with My Sweater Dress?

We said, no half measures. If you chose a sweater dress clean and simple, round neck or rolled, fearless bet on a bib necklace: he dresses the most basic of dresses in seconds. Accompany him to discrete earrings. No bib necklace with you? Go for a delicate pendant, deep in the breasts with a V-neck or slung for a round neck. As for playing the accumulation of accessories, stack without counting beads and pendants, mixing colors and/or materials! Click here to learn more.

What Earrings with My Sweater Dress?

With a sleek sweater dress with round or V-neck, prefer large hoop earrings worked; with a turtleneck, bet on the long thin curls. Focus on a marked part, without diverting attention with a collar. If you prefer light curls, however, combine a pendant with a pair of simple hoops or small pendants. Rather rock? Choose small ear studs connected to a chain with ear ring and match shoes!

Bracelets, Watch and Ring, Which Accessories to Choose with a Sweater Dress?

Again, choose: by displaying your favorite shows or a bare wrist bracelet, two rings but no bracelet, a ring and a watch … or layer. In which case, consider the size of the accessories to harmonize: for example, four bracelets large colored stones with a man’s watch, or ten fine bracelets with a discreet watch. If your dress has long sleeves, slide shows and bracelets over the detail mode makes all the difference!

What My Sweater Dress with Belt?

Mesh and leather, marriage is timeless: to accessorize your sweater dress, go for a leather belt! Prefer flexible belts, more comfortable and gentler to the mesh. With an oversized dress or to hide some curves, choose a wide belt to tie around the waist. For a more rock style, with a long dress or to highlight the buttocks, choose a thin belt carelessly placed on the hips.

What with My Scarf Sweater Dress?

If the accessories of the sweater dress have an ally, it is indeed the scarf: it keeps you warm, sublime and highlights. Cotton scarf, chunky knit scarf, colorful pashmina? In any case, prefer the oversized, wrapped several times around the neck, and match its color to your dress or jacket. Beware the necklace hidden underneath, however, which may hang the scarf!