How Much Would You Spend with Lamps in 14 Years?

The LED is expensive, (almost) everyone knows. Now you have no idea how much it can cost if you buy an LED now and just swap it for the next 14 years. Create an illustration to show the economy with consumption and maintenance of LED can compensate for the long term, compared with traditional technologies.

The period of time considered was thinking about the duration of the LED, which usually ranges from 25 to 30000 hours, depending on the model. The difference is large when compared to fluorescent, which lasts 8000 hours, and is even greater when compared to the average life 750 h table top of the bulb. Of course, we assume that the bulb wasn’t outlawed until then, unlike expiration date already announced by the Ministry of mines and energy that the product will be on the shelves until 2016.

In 14 years, 42 incandescent bulbs would be exchanged. Already, in the case of fluorescent, would be 4 or 5 lamps, but this number may be greater for several reasons, such as electrical installations with problems, for example.

The application of LED is practice, you use the screw and-27 (the same of incandescent and fluorescent) and all of them are for all environments of a residence in lighting fixtures and lamps.

Residential maintenance lamp covers only the cost of replacement, without regard to labor. Incandescent bulbs and fluorescent usually burn after the end of your life. With the LED, it doesn’t happen. After 30,000 hours of life, he only loses 30% of your light (luminous flux).

The LED is a technology that is in a constant search to improve your efficiency and that just as the technology evolves, insofar as the LED will becoming more popular, your price decreases.

See illustration below with how long you pay the investment with the LED and how much it saves in 14 years.