How Leggings Became The Most Controversial Pants

Several weeks ago a United Airlines employee decided to stop two girls from boarding a Denver-Minneapolis flight for an unexpected reason: they were wearing leggings and that, according to the employee, violated airline codes.

It added a new episode to the controversial life of leggings, a piece that despite appearing very new accompanies human beings at least since the Renaissance.

Before being worn as sportswear, leggings were tied to riding practices and generally to the world of horses, as opposed to other women’s clothing less comfortable and safe for such tasks as skirts or dresses.

When and when not

The term leggings dates back several centuries but the term has recently been extended and applies to trousers used to go to the gym or to practice yoga. In the United States its use is associated with the heaters that used some Native American tribes and that were being transformed as they were being adopted by the settlers. They were also useful for women as they served to protect their legs from plants and animals and to cover their ankles when the label required it.

In Europe the word alludes to more than a thick sock. The socks were invented in the 16th century but by the 18th century the men had already made the sock cover their whole leg to protect them from the cold. They were made of wool or linen, also of leather and were used by gentlemen, workers or military. They were really useful to protect the legs of those who were hunting or those who risked their skin on the battlefield.

It would take several centuries for the leggings to become a more fashionable than functional garment, without losing of course its attribute of comfortable and protective garment, but eventually became more than just pants

In 1959 the chemist Joseph Shivers developed a synthetic fiber that could stretch up to 600% of its original size and return to its original form without great dramas, and this was the beginning of the golden age of leggings, which here until now does nothing We called meshes. The so-called Fiber X ended up being what we know today as Lycra or Spandex.

The technological invention democratized the use of leggings that in the 20th century saw arapid growth and several peaks in which literally stood at the top of fashion trends.

Kim Kardashian travels in airplane with GTRES leggings

In the 1970s the Oxford Dictionary defined leggings as tight pants made of elastic material mainly worn by women and girls.

In the 80’s the fever for aerobic exercise starring Jane Fonda did the rest. According to the anthropologist Kaori O’Connor, a great Lycra scholar, “women embraced a new social and physical freedom and expressed it by breaking rules, practicing aerobics, a fashion that first put sweat and physical exhaustion on the territory of The socially acceptable. “

The piece remained in the territory of the young and the sport a season until its popularity began to grow among women of all ages for a variety of activities that could include or not sport but urban life and even the night when Accompanied by high heels.

A forbidden garment

Leggings have been in the spotlight several times, they have had to be banned in some schools because they “distracted the students”. This was the argument used by an Illinois school to ban them in 2014. In 2016 another school in North Carolina banned them along with the pitillos because, they said, overweight girls were harassed when they wore these garments. The last episode is the one that starts this story, two girls barred from catching their flight by trying to board the plane in their leggings.

Many organizations see the umpteenth manifestation of sexism and machismo in all these prohibitions and continuous scandals by the use of leggings.

However, analysts from DeadlyLeggings say that in 2016 online sales of leggings increased by 41% compared to 2015, sales that surpassed that of women’s jeans, probably because it is a more versatile piece that can be released, Do sports, go to the office and even travel by plane… except United Airlines.

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