How Important Is Fashion in Choosing Sports Clothing

How Important Is Fashion in Choosing Sports Clothing (1)

Read the most common customer questions about sports fashion.


What sportswear to wear in the gym and fitness classes?

Who goes to -Zumba, aerobics, stomach-legs-Po or Step-course want, enjoy a workout in the gym right. For fitness classes a comfortable outfit as hip to a which leaves plenty of freedom of movement and body disturbs nowhere. Secondly, the outfit should be breathable and flexible. A well-fitting sports shirt or sport top, a well-fitting sports pants and sports socks are a must. Whether the trousers, 3/4-length or long short, your feeling is left. You should feel comfortable during the sports unit and do not think of your outfit.


Which Sport mode is suitable for yoga and Pilates?

In yoga and Pilates it comes to calm. Here, since the relaxation is at the forefront, comfortable, soft sportswear is worn. The pants are usually 3 / 4- or floor-length and made of soft cotton. The Sports shirt should fit snugly, fit well and do not slip, so you do not need to pluck all the time on your shirt with the typical yoga inversions like headstand or shoulder stand. For the relaxation part of the yoga class, it is recommended to always dabeizuhaben also a soft and warming sweatshirt or sweat jacket.

What to wear when jogging or walking?

The right running clothing is the nuts and bolts, so as not to catch cold with sport outdoors. For joggers, functional clothing is fashionable, that is breathable and has an anti-welding function so that they dry keeps running and the moisture removed from the body. The pants jogging are always tight because so friction is avoided on the thighs. For women also a sports bra is essential. In the seasons come several layers: underwear, a top or T-shirt, a long sleeve, a breathable and waterproof jacket. The sports socks, hats and sports socks, hat and the right running shoes.


What you wear in summer when outdoor sports?

In the summer it attracts us to do sports outside. Whether cycling, running or walking UV protection is then an important issue. For this you will find special clothing that keeps the sun and protects the skin from the harmful radiation.


How often do you wash the sportswear?

Ideally, you should wash your sportswear after each sport unit or rinse at least by hand to release the therein collected sweat. Working clothes should not be too warm and if possible separately washed clothes other material. Do not use fabric softener and dryer – the functional materials are already fast drying and maintain their function better when they can air dry.


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