How Healthy Are Toe Sandals?

Toe sandals look pretty, give your feet a lot of freedom, but are also very controversial when it comes to foot health. Read how you can use the practical beach shoes with a clear conscience.

Toe-Toe-Straps Tripe Through Life

According to a study by the Department of Biomechanics at the University of Auburn (Maine, USA), goats’ footsteps are different. One therefore tripples. This is also quite clear, because the toe shoes are actually only a protection for the feet before pointed pebbles, broken pieces & Co., on which one could walk barefoot. For the beach they are the ideal shoes.

It does not offer our feet any more than a halt, guidance or even damping. In order not to lose the light sandals from the foot, we even tense the toes. A natural unrolling is therefore hardly possible. And the steps are also shorter. Whether the typical flip-flop gear can lead to permanent health damage is controversial. The fact is, however, that permanent wear can cause acute pain in the feet, legs or even back.

Important To Toe Sandals At A Glance

Toesandals Vs. Beach Shoes Beach
shoes usually have a flat footbed and no particularly sole, so they give hardly any support. Toes sandals are usually equipped with a firm footbed. They therefore fulfill the ergonomic requirements and support the feet, although the support is not ideal.

More Support In Toe Sandals
An additional strap on the heel is the solution. This should be individually adjustable as far as possible in order to provide the best possible support. However, the typical flip-flop effect is over, but you can, if it matters, run after a child.

Walk Strandgang
The simple water-resistant sandals are best suited for beach walks and the like, where they protect their carriers from hot sand and other dangerous beach property. For longer walks, toe sandals are better.

Pleasant Foot Climate
And this is also remarkable: If you believe that not to sweat in the light sandals, is mistaken. On the simple plastic sole, foot welding is quite strong. Sandals made of breathable materials such as leather or cork are recommended here as they are sweat-friendly.

The Two Most Important Tips

Wear beach sandals for short distances-otherwise you prefer footbed. If you need to hold on to the shoes, but do not want to do without the airy sandals, look for straps on the heel or ankle so you get more security.

Nothing For Wheel Or Car

A toe carrier should also be aware of this: From pedals to bike and motorcycle you can easily slip off with it. And whoever carries them while driving is more responsive when changing the throttle and brake pedal. The reaction time is shortened by about a tenth of a second, according to a British study. In addition, the brake is pressed with about three percent less force. This means that the stopping distance is four meters longer because of the shoes!

To all lovers of toes sandals we wish a strong summer!

Finally, A Little Knowledge

Man has been wearing toe sandals for thousands of years. According to Wikipedia they belong to the so-called sandalur forms of Ancient Egypt. But it is not only the Orient that knows it, but also in Asia, the wearing of toe sandals has a long tradition. The flip-flops, as we know them as such, were launched in Brazil in the early 1960s under the name Havaianas.

Toe Strap Is Not Equal Flip-Flop

While every “flip-flop” is a toe strap, the reverse is not the case: only the very simple and inexpensive models made of “water-resistant” material, where the holder straps are simply anchored by a hole in the usually single-layered plastic sole, is called flipflops. And that is because they make the typical noise when carrying: flip… flop, flip… flop and always so on. Toe sandals of leather or with a cork bed, on the other hand, are not flip-flops.