How Does A Cuckoo Clock?

Originally made in a mountainous region of Germany by the 17th century, thecuckoo clocks were manufactured within the homes of residents due to the harsh cold that was at the time. In them, we can notice every time a series of elements which refer to the grind of the season, as fighters, animals of the region, firewood, Sierra, milking and other more.

Only a century later, he won the famous sound of the cuckoo, by means of a local craftsman called Franz Anton Ketterer. From there, it went through generationsand are always in our memories thanks to our grandparents and great-grandparents, who certainly had acuckoo clock home.

Want to know a little more about this watch that amazes a lot of people to this day? Continue reading!

The Swing Of The Pendulum Counts The Seconds

The function of the pendulum in acuckoo clock is to get the seconds are counted. Each time he makes the movement of going back and forth, one second is counted and displayed on theclockPanel. The makers of cuckoo clocks do the calibration for a balance shaft is exactly equal to one second of time.

Gears: Weights, Pulleys And Chains

To be able to function in your more perfect state, the cuckoo clock has a large amount of gears that help move their hands. In your internal system system, the weights are tied with chains around the gears and descend like pulleys by means of the pendulum swing.

Are the weights that control all the inner workings of the cuckoo clock. A weight is responsible for controlling the hands, another makes the control of the chime and a third is intended for control of thecuckoo bird.

Clapper: That’s How The Watch Emits The Sound Of “Cu-Co”.

There is no sound more waited in acuckoo clock than the “cu-co” he issues, right? This sound is not electronic, but rather created from two bellows and whistles. The bellows are used to produce wind and are air-filled to be raised by means of tension cables that are connected on the gears of the cuckoo clock. Time to chime in, these gears release the tension on the bellows, making them down quickly. The air thus is brought to the two whistles. One emits the sound of “ass” and the other “co”—is so watch makes “cu-co”.

Look At The Birdie Coming Off The Clock.

When we were kids, always we hoped the exact hours to view the bird out of inside the watch and listen to your sound. This little bird, which can be made of plastic orwood, is supported on a pedestal, which is articulated and behind doors. So that the output of the bird with the sound of the clock case, his support is also linked to the bellows and whistles that emit the sound.

When it’s time to Clapper, the tension wire that holds the bird in the bellows is released and she goes in sync with the sound of the clock. As a result, they return bringing the bird in.

Now that you know a little more about the functioning of the cuckoo clock, leave your comment and tell us what are the memories that he brings.