Home Decoration for Halloween 2016

The focus of the magician – with this feeling associate home decoration for Halloween. Ideology, style, quirks and creative solutions – an excellent opportunity to ride the broom imagination and spilling palette of colors.

Several styles can be distinguished in home decoration for Halloween. Modern, minimalist, traditional usual, with impressive effect thriller or individual taste. Whether you bet on small cherepcheta in a glass jug of ragged Baba Yaga in black, a bright orange pumpkin with eyes or gold candles and cushions, the effect is guaranteed. You get your own style. Skeletons of hands, eyes wide, seals ghosts or bloody footprints in the bathroom – all this will strengthen thriller effect in design.

However, if you traditionalists bet on the lanterns in the shape of pumpkins, colorful leaves of trees and beautiful candlesticks and vases, light the fireplace and enjoy the mystical atmosphere. Bring festive mood and charm for the holiday. Home decoration for Halloween is a real magic to create!