Holotech Crystals Happy Elia Mirrors

Tired of the traditional mirrors? Any seem sufficiently innovative to your modern style bathroom?Barcelona Studio Happy Elia exits in your help thanks to sensational and ultra modern mirrors that will fill your bath room light and personality.

The collection of mirrors is called Holotech Crystals and this consists of 5 creations inspired by the Moorish style of Turkish baths. Creativity, originality and technology combine perfectly in this series of mirrors creating works that will not leave indifferent anybody.

The secret of these mirrors are crystals with holographic effect in which are carved geometric figures based on Ottoman culture. These have been carved through a system of stippling that receiving peculiar LED light that incorporates the mirror seem to get out of the glass.

The backlight of the mirrors causes figures highlighting and depth creating the holographic effect mentioned above and that makes them so special. Depending on the point at which you look at them and the distance to where you are, you see a drawing or other.

When they actually look in all its glory mirrors is with the lights on, but with them off also there aregeometric shapes and we also have a really attractive mirror.

Speaking of lights, say that the tone of these can choose it, and can choose between two: white or blue LED lights.

And finally we will say that although we only currently have five designs to choose from, will soon expand the number with new and surprising designs.