Hippo Dodo Nuit Etoilée

We’re always looking for a small night light, a mobile.. .something that made the music and/or light for baby. When I was asked to test Hippo dodo starry night light, I was immediately excited by that Nice purple Hippo to the multiple functions.

What attracted me in the first place with this night light, is the fact that it illuminates the ceiling of full of small stars, who regularly change color. But I also wanted a night light that makes the music so it seemed perfect at first.

The different functions of Hippo dodo night star

But this great “popotame” as it is called here has several features that will delight your little ones necessarily:
-There is the feature stories, music, nature and music AND nature sounds.
-Altogether are 7 story, 12 sounds of nature, 60 melodies and 3 lullabies.
-You have the possibility to adjust the volume.
-A Timer adjustable on 15, 30 or 45 minutes is integrated.
-Option to turn off the projection on the ceiling and leave only the sounds.

And then especially THE function which is a big plus for me, it’s the sound sensor , which allows the hippo to reraise automatically when baby starts to cry, super no?

The suggested price of this multifunctional Nightlight is about € 35,00.

Here she soon became an essential both at home when we go out at night with friends. On the other hand, I recommend you personally use rechargeable batteries in order to gain in savings. This night light for use with 3 LR6 AA batteries.
You can find the night light in most toy stores or order directly from Ledlightsclassified.com and it offers you €10 voucher for the simultaneous purchase of 2 products of the brand.

So moms, do you think this night light can break your little ones?