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The hiking hotels – best alpine are an Association of 72 hotels that combines the love of nature of the Alps. The goal of each individual, dedicated hoteliers is to prepare an unforgettable nature experience, which again lead to body and mind their origin and thereby healing and relaxing effect. A special experience of nature is an overnight stay in an igloo in winter – surprisingly not only for hard -. Even more special when the snow stands at over 2000 m in the middle of the South Tyrolean Dolomites.

Pure luck to stay the igloo – pure nature,

In the context of an outdoor igloo week Drumlerhof offers as an igloo overnight stay. Over two hours the snow shoe hike takes the Drumlerhof of up to Speikboden, where the snow houses. Alone the hike there, down from everyday life, attuned to the night ahead close to nature. Quiet, crunching steps in the fresh white steam clouds at the mouth. Cheeks and happy to arrive above and refers to his igloo. Cuddly comfort, reduced to the essentials: mattresses and sleeping bags.

Surprisingly, such a night is not reminiscent of Survivaltraining in snow and ice, but allows an unusually good night’s sleep. Even when the outdoor temperature is below-20 degrees, it is always + 2 degree “warm” in the snow.

Stefan Fauster, master of the Drumlerhof, had the idea to open this possibility of overnight guests, during his training to the Alpine Wellness trainer, where he shamanic inspired met the “creative dreams”. Therefore is a night in an igloo for Stefan much more than “just” action, adventure and fun. Ancient, deep shamanic wisdom behind the ritual:

“I see the night in an igloo a bit like a ritual. So a night should people slow down and back to Earth. No mobile phones, no distractions, no everyday noise. Instead silence, nature. The power of mother earth is retreating in the winter months in the roots. In winter, with the incipient autumn from mid November, the Earth begins to rotate faster, therefore we must adjust our frequency on it. It communicates denser, faster, more compact with us. This is the dream come true. Our ancestors went to this time of the year in the roots, in the caves, the Kiwas, being if mother earth “was the new dream patterns”. “Children’s books, where the small beings reorganize the pattern of flowers and butterflies, dusting, cleaning, repair, painting, weaving, are an illustration of what happens, with us and can be described as simple pictorial way.” (Stefan Fahmy)

Like Stefan Fauster tells you personally more…

The nightly starry sky and morning sunrise outdo each other in beauty and aesthetics. Just the purity of the experience makes full and full of happiness and satisfaction. An experience you like remembers a lifetime.

Regardless of what taking shamanic knowledge to heart, invites a night in an igloo, of nature being close to snuggle up closely to mother earth and routine techno the far to leave behind.

Try it out! It’s a happy advertising, unique experience! For more information on the Hotel Drumlerhof * in sand in Taufers South Tyrol.

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