High Visibility Bicycle Lights

Adjustable harness with light for high-visibility bike-Velgo

This original system of signage for lovers of two wheels, ensures commented high visibility during the trip. Back lighting switch x 4 is also suitable for cyclists than bikers or even the joggueurs. It offers a very high level of visibility in low light.

A harness with attachment practice

In the form of adjustable harness, this signalling system offers two modes of possible attachments. It is worn over a jacket directly over the back or hung on a backpack. It is compatible with most medium sized up those bags that can hold in the vicinity of 30 liters.

High visibility ensured

To optimize the maximum visibility, this rear light offers two light sources:

The strap of the harness. It is composed of 4 reflective strips, they even equipped with a fiber optic lighting system. The latter offers 3 lighting modes: continuous, alternating flash and flash at the same time.

The Central light. Placed at the juncture of the straps of the harness, the Central light red offers a high visibility. It offers 5 ways to lights, adjustable regardless of lighting fiber optic of the straps.

The Central light with 5 modes, has a capacity of lighting that can reach up to 70 lumens.

To ensure maximum security, this signalling system realizes very well by the back than on the side.

A functional and durable safety harness.

This rear signal light is powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery with a USB plug. The charge for a full charge time is 4 hours. It has a range of 3.5 to 20 hours depending on the mode you are using.

This light ensures high protection of the rider under the weather due to its rain-resistant design.

For more information on the installation and use of the bike light, the instructions is available in PDF in HISTORYAAH.