High Summer by Maria and Maria

The Spring or well started and already we’re with the little head you know where? In the height of summer 2014. Ehhh, people in the fashion world is so right, you know everything before enter in force on the streets and start preparing the costumes well in advance to the next station. Carrying girls, stay connected on the Hunch of Luxury because the season started and releases from now on what didn’t go missing are new fashion universe, with several female fashion tips, inspiration, street style, and everything else that we women love! Summer is a time not only by the delicious climate, but also for the numerous innovations presented by the fashion world-light clothes and fresh to combine well with the station. We’re already in full swing, producing several editorials to share with you the “hits” that comes around! Were excited? So get ready because today’s post will ferveeerrrr with the looks of MARIA and MARIA! The store plunged headlong into the most caliente station of the year and news that are going to go crazy the fashionistas!

The MARIA and MARIA, Campo Grande/MS, is always tuned to the latest fashion trends and features for the high summer 2014 a collection well gay, amusing and with looks “refreshing”, including swimwear inspired by the River of January. And so, thinking of the wonderful city, with several bars on edge, MARIA and MARIA is preparing a delicious cocktail to welcome you to the new collection. And guess what will be the theme of the party. DIVE CHIC!!! Cool, neh? Mark there because you are our guests: from 26 to 28/September the BOTECO CHIC MARIA and MARIA will be open, filled with snacks, drinks and muiiitas news. Uhuuulll. … amamooosss!!!! See you there tomorrow, from the 10:00!

Check out the Editorial Fashion that prepared and some looks that will be in store from tomorrow.


That you can’t lose!

* The accessories used in this editorial are of Katyuska Mansour: (67) 3211-7428/9141-7395

Liked the productions? Can prepare the wardrobe because soon the summer will be there!!!

The Mary and MARY is on Rua Arthur Jorge, 1541, nº Campo Grande/MS.