Here’s How to Buy Lingerie on the Internet

With incredible offers, surprising conditions and tempting news, the online world always reserves great surprises for those in love with intimate pieces. That is why learning how to buy lingerie on the internet is so important.

Next, check out how to take full advantage of Le Style. As a matter of fact, see the questions and answers that will make your purchases easier on Le Lingerie.

After All, How To Buy Lingerie On The Internet?

There are no secrets. To ease the process and make your purchase even simpler, bet on the Style of Le. In this space, you will find a complete selection of products suitable for various occasions. This tool is the perfect tip for women who do not give up the practicality when choosing their products.

To get started, set the most appropriate alternative to what you are looking for. The Style of Lê offers eight options: “marriage”, “relax”, “reduce”, “gym”, “beach”, “ballad”, “seduce” and “work”. By selecting one of these options, you will be redirected to another list, which is even more complete and detailed.

After the final choice, just choose your favorite pieces. Remember to check out all the size and color descriptions at the bottom of each product page. This is one of the most important steps to learn how to buy lingerie on the internet. It is still worth giving that extra check in the shopping bag!

# DicadalÊ!

Are you in doubt about a part or size? Bet on Curacao da Lê! This tool allows you to talk to one of our experts and stay 100% calm with your purchases. Also access our other communication channels: out site.

Learn How To Buy Lingerie On The Internet: Shipping And Payment

Write the number of your zip code in the indicated region and choose the ideal option. Payment can be made in two ways: by credit card or bank slip. To pay with the card, just put all the data to finalize the purchase. If you choose boleto bancário, print the document and pay before the due date.

Clear Your Doubts!

Still not confident with online shopping? Do not worry! See five quick questions and answers!

  1. What Are The Conditions? Three times without interest in the credit card – minimum installments of R $ 20. Installment up to 12 times fixed.
  2. How To Track The Order? The tracking code will be sent one business day after the post.Check your email.
  3. Can I Exchange My Purchase? Yes. The deadline for exchanges is 30 calendar days after receipt.In the event of cancellation, please contact us by email at out site in no more than seven days.
  4. Is The Le Lingerie Site Totally Safe? Yes!Le Lingerie’s e-commerce  is certified as an Armored Site and has undergone numerous security tests. Stay calm!

So, did you learn how to buy lingerie on the internet? Yes? Visit the website of Le Lingerie to check all the news and offers not to be missed. We are waiting for you!