Hennessy Hammock – Explorer Ultralite Asym Classic

Those who are interested in the theme of Hammock camping will not get around Hennessy Hammock’s hammocks. Hardly any other company has shaped this sector so strongly and produced so many innovations.Reason enough to look at a hammock system from HH. A lot of my choice on the Explorer Ultralite Asym Classic.

Hennessy Hammock – Explorer Ultralite Asym Classic

The Explorer Ultralite Asym Classic is a Hammock, which is suitable for persons up to a body size of 213cm and thus offers a lot of space based on SLEEPINGBAGSEXPO.COM. Although it would have been a little easier with smaller Hammocks again, I wanted to put on my first hammock on sufficient comfort. The addition “Classic” refers primarily to the input. This sits in the classic variants on the bottom. But more about that later.

Like all Hennessy Hammocks, the Explorer Ultralite series is also completely closed. This means that it has a mosquito net on the top and thus provides an undisturbed sleep even in the Mückensaison. Especially in Scandinavia this feature is irreplaceable.

Asymmetrical Design

Like most modern Hammocks, the HH Explorer Ultralite Asym Classic has an asymmetrical design. This means that you are not centered from head to foot, but diagonally. This lying position allows for a shallower and natural sleep. Furthermore, you are in this position much safer in the hammock. I can even sleep on the side or even on my stomach with this technique.

Buttom Entry

The entrance in the floor is a patented feature of the Hennessy Hammocks in the Classic series. In most ordinary hammocks, one rises from the top or the side. In the classic Hammocks by Hennessy one rises however from the bottom through the ground. This procedure offers some advantages compared to the introduction from the side:

Getting started is actually much easier and less a balance act.

Especially in a region heavily contaminated with mosquitoes, one can leave the beasts so much easier.

One automatically places the shoes under the hammock and thus also the tarp.

Getting started is relatively easy. You open the climbing lock at the foot end of the hammock and pull it over your head. Then you turn around 180 ° and sit down exactly where the opening ends. Now you can take your shoes off in peace and then put your legs on the hammock. The entrance closes automatically due to the body weight.Sometimes you have to help a little, so that the Velcro closes properly, but this is not a problem.

The exit is the same in reverse order. First you open the velcro with your hand and then slip through your feet first.

Ridgeline Organizer

An absolutely useful tool that should not be missing in any Hammock is the so-called Ridgline Organizer. A small bag made of mesh fabric, which hangs on the ridgeline (string over the hammock, which always holds it in the same position). The version of Hennessy Hammock has a triangular cut.So they can be pulled up into the ends of the hammock, where they do not disturb anyone. A small and a slightly larger bag help to keep order. In addition to the organizer, there are also two plastic hooks on the hammock for hanging up various things.

Tree Hugger Tree Protection

Since the hammock is usually suspended between two trees, one should be careful not to damage these trees. That is why, for gentle handling with nature, a wider webbing or similar protective measures are used to avoid damaging the sensitive bark of the tree. This is, of course, slightly heavier than simply winding the thin cord around the tree, but in the face of the leave no trace point of view absolutely necessary. You do not want to walk with 2mm shoulder straps on your backpack!Hennessy Hammock now supplies these Tree Hugger with all offered Hammocks.


The package contains everything you need for your first “slope” in nature:

Explorer Ultralite Asym Classic Hammock-635g incl

A sewn mosquito net

Modular Removable Tarp-345g

Cord for hanging between two trees

“Tree Hugger” Baumschoner-86g

Packsack with printed instructions-23g

If you order directly from the website of Hennessy Hammock, you also get a pair of practical Snakeskins and the HH2O AutoMagic Water Collector & Rainfly Tensioner System. I will introduce you in a separate article.

What you might need in addition are two herrings around the tarp or the hammock.

The Tarp

Naturally you have to protect yourself from rain in a hammock. Since this is a complete system, the appropriate tarp must not be missing. Since you need two trees for a hammock anyway, of course, any rods fall away. Thanks to the asymmetrical construction of the hammock, we only need two anchor points and therefore only two pegs.For this purpose, the tarpa is diagonally stretched over the hammock. The corner points of the long diagonal are attached directly to the cord, which keeps the hammock in the air. Hennessy Hammock has already attached a hook to a Prusik sling on each side so that the tarp with the sewn O-rings can be attached and adjusted easily.

If everything has been done correctly, the other two corners of the tarps are now located on the side of the suspension points of the hammock. With the herring or other naturally anchors (plants, stones…) one now the tarp laterally from. Last but not least, the guy lines of the hammock are taken twice and then hooked into the appropriate hooks of the tarp. You are already protected against the worst rain.

Hammock Insulation

Hammocks in themselves offer only a minimal insulation. When you lie down in a hammock, any insulation of the clothes or even the sleeping bag is flattened. So you have to think about how to protect yourself from the cold from below. For, of course, the wind blows mercilessly the cold air under the butt. But even in windstill it can get quite fresh. It is only in the warm summer nights that you can do without isolation.

For the Explorer Ultralite Asym Classic from Hennessy there are now three effective and tried and tested methods:

  1. You take a normal camping mat into the hammock.
  2. You use an underquilt (A downside, which one under the hammock stretches).
  3. TheHennessy Supershelter 4 Season Insulation System.

I already tested all three methods, with the mat in the hammock seemed to me the most uncomfortable. The other methods I introduce together with their advantages and disadvantages separately.

Hammock Seat

For most classic Hammocks, it is clear that you can also use them for easy sitting. This has the advantage that you always have a comfortable seat in the warehouse. So you can cook or relax comfortably. But many do not even know that this is possible with the classic Hennessy Hammocks. Since they are closed at the top, you simply grab the ground from the center and pull forward. At the same time you fold the guy point backwards and you can sit comfortably in the hammock.


When hanging up the hammock, pay attention to a 30° angle between the cord and the horizon. Thus, the tarp always remains in the right position and the forces acting on the hammock are minimal.

Check out the videos on the Hennessy Hammock website for a better understanding of the system.

At Hammock Camping many routes lead to the destination. Experiment with finished systems and find your favorite setup.