Helmet Audio P3

Is no longer need for Bowers & Wilkins, specialist almost fiftieth of the loudspeaker to including the mythical Nautilus, flagship of the group recognised as one of the best systems in the world.

Helmet Audio P3

B & W has created the surprise in 2010 with the launch of the P5, a high-end luxurious manufacturing quality audio headphones was matched only by its sound reproduction all in refinement. Today we discover its little brother, the P3.

The P3 is located in a price more affordable than the P5 but not a strong family resemblanceparted. Compared to its big brother, the P3 is even lighter, more mobile , with a more refined Hoop, now dressed in fabric instead of leather of the P5. It is foldable, and the design remains very air. It is available in Blackor white.The equipment is reduced to a minimum, a classic cable and an another with remote control for iPad, iPhone and iPod, all taking place in a shell of rigid storage and space-saving. Caches are magnetically fixed and easy to remove to change the cables.The same as the Focal Spirit, manufacturing breathes luxuryand know-how. Glossy black plastic packaging brings an extra touch of class. Small criticism, as for the Focal Spirit, the cable company could stand to be longer, 1 m 20 it is really short.

The outfit on the head is excellent, without feeling pressure. The atria are of type supra-auriculaire (headphones are on your ears without surrounding them), should not expect an optimal insulation, but it is very correct means the surrounding world especially in low level and between songs, listening at level reasonable no gene is to be deplored, but your neighbors will not be disturbed. The lightness of the whole makes you forget very glass the presence of the helmet, which is a good sign for extended listening.

Now, listen, we’re here to do this after all. Do not change a winning team, I connected it to my Cowon J3 faithful with files in Flac (lossless compression format). Start listening by jazz, Archie Shepp in this case. The sound shows some evidence, the fluidity of theinterpretation is obvious, this self-evident, both on piano on the flights of the saxophone solos. Contrary to what one might think, we don’t feel any lack in the serious, quick and varied. Although a bit narrower than on the P5, the soundstage remains perfectly credible.

We find it natural to listen by Adele on “Rumour Has It”, it hits strong without excess, the sound is dynamic and rich. B & W proves here that there is no need to ‘cheat’ in the bass to get the basement on violent rhetoric, as do some competitors more fashionable. More quiet, the song ‘Tears of joy’ of Antonio Forcione is just as well made, with however a little less elegant than on the P5. The P3 is a transparenthelmet, and it means, which is not surprising when we know the experience of B & W in the equipment of the biggest planet recording studios. On salsa group Africando, pulse, in all registers, the sound is balanced, well distributed in space even though a little more “forced” on the P5. At the risk of repeating myself, it is the word ‘ balance ‘ that always comes to mind, we listen to no doubt B & W. Finally, and in any other musical style, the album entirely vocal “Baylavwa” we can see with ease the harmony of voices and rhythm swell of the 5 accomplices.

At the time of the balance sheet, the P3 turns out be an greatheadset well finished and high-end restitution. He’s a bit less far than its big brother, but this more democratic fare, the price-quality ratio is unbeatable. However, compared to the Focal Spirit One, the choice is very difficult. P3 is a bit more neutral, but the return of the Focal is slightly wider. Apart from that, there’s 2 helmets that widen the gap with the competition. Let’s help you than the B & W, very light, will be more appropriate for the extended plays and the Focal (at perfect insulation) for smaller trips. From a purely audio point of view, whether you choose one or the other, you will have the assurance of a sound quality of high level.

Last point, B & W offers for the purchase of this headset 3 month subscription to its download site files audio in high quality, a very good initiative to be welcomed.