Handbag Collection 2016

Selected materials and color combinations, timeless design and the newly developed variable strap system transform Any Di in multi-tasking-evergreens and glamorous pieces for those who do not want to choose between beauty and comfort.

The “my life collection 2016” is the first collection of the German designer Anne Dan Magnus and the setting is to combine ambition with the joy of life. So Any Di is the result of years of visions of the optimal mix of everything that is important to the young designer. Timeless it should be suitable for every situation, but also a collector’s item with some glamour.

The first collection includes two different bag models in cowhide leather quality and various, beautiful colors.

The Any Di Day shoppers or the bag of “L” is perfect for business and leisure, and brings glamour to you through the day. By the strap system you enjoy not only style but also comfort.

The Any Di Bag “M” is perfect for business, shopping, and nightlife and is an absolute design classic with extra touch of comfort and variability.

Easily adjustable and removable strap made of luxurious leather bag in the blink of an eye a noble backpack or casual over-shoulder bag. Additional removable leather upholstery provides ultimate comfort.

A large zip compartment in the middle, serves not only as a design eye-catcher, but allows the bag “L” a separate storage space for a laptop or A4 documents and the bag of “M” for a tablet.

Two carabiner straps on each side, you never again look for your keys. Metal feet not only protect of the bag bottom, but at the same time serve as a functional button for the rucksack function. Real gold plated and highly polished metal elements provide an ultimate luxury look.

Another model of Any Di collection is the Any Di Bag “S”. The mini version of the bag makes everything possible – with the real gold plated chain, the elegant shoulder bag in the near future to the fancy clutch or hip waiters-pouch.

Without the gold chain, it is a glamorous purse, in which you easily find smartphone and all the important valuables.

Clear structure and division into twelve card slots and two large bill compartments ensure easy handling. Into the slot on the back of documents can be easily stowed, which need to be placed quickly.

The strap system associated with its real gold plated chain makes it the luxury accessory in a few simple steps and can be worn as a shoulder strap with the bag “M” or “L” as extra glamour piece.

The Any Di Pouch is perfect for traveling, it provides mobile protection. Great smartphones of all types fit comfortably in the middle zipper compartment.

The two lockable push-button drawers offer sufficient space for cosmetics, hygiene items and odds and ends left and right.

The gold D-ring on the back makes the soft pouch style wonder. Attached to the carabiner straps the bags of “L” and “M” with the fine embroidery and secured pockets become a perfect accessory.

The pouch can be worn in combination with the ANY Di “S” gold chain in the blink of an eye as a casual waist pouch or shoulder bag.

This soft Any Di Sun Cover keeps your favorite glasses from scratches and bruises.

Like the pouch all Sun Cover can be attached to their gold D-ring on the back of the carabiner strap the “L” and “M” bag or the gold chain.

Hung to the waist or the neck hands are free, the glasses at hand and on top of that a stylish accessory.

Fits any glasses’ size and shape – the Sun Cover put over the glasses with the close button and close the bracket behind it.

Highlight: Each model of Any Di ‘My Life’ collection is in a highly functional water – and dirt-repellent nylon bag.