Hairstyles for Children

At the time of composing your look, any man and woman give much importance to your hairstyle. And it is normal that they do, since a choice hairstyle helps to enhance your look.

Hairstyles for Children

When composing the look of your child, this concern is identical. However, the hairstyles for children can be quite different from adults.

In this article you can know some hairstyles for children, to make your child look beautiful and look fantastic.

Hairstyles for children – boy

Being boy’s hair usually smaller, also the options for hairstyles are smaller. However, you just need to have some length of yarn to make hairstyles spin on your child.

The Mohawk hairstyle is in the shade, being quite easy to do. Using only a comb and gel, you will be able to give your child a very funny look.

Tidy Hair
If you prefer tidy hair then you can do a very simple hairstyle with wet wires or using a gel.

With tuft
For a more special occasion, or even for day-to-day, you can make a tuft with the fringe, fixing with gel.

Hairstyles for children – girl

Girls’ hair, usually with more variety of yarn length, also allows more options in hairstyles.

Braids look perfect on girls, it’s also a way to keep your hair neat all day long. You can even make a crown of braids that will enhance the face of your daughter.

Princess Hairstyle
For those girls with longer hair, this hairstyle will leave them like princesses. This hairstyle consists of a braid near the nape of the neck, which takes advantage of the whole length of the thread.

This is another great hairstyle for girls. Practical, quick to do and learn, this hairstyle is perfect for your daughter. If you want to give a different look to this simple hairstyle, you can make a variation by dividing the ponytail into two sets of yarn.

Hairstyle maria-chiquinha
This hairstyle leaves the neck free of hair, thus being a fresher and perfect option for the more active girls.