Hair in Winter: Cut and Color, Gloss, Cosmetics

Cutting Tips And Hair Color In Winter-Tips For Treatment And Care For Your Hair In The Winter.

In winter the hairs are more difficult to treat and require greater care. With the new color trends, cuts it is necessary to be always updated about what court do, what color is the trend that suits you and how to be fashionable without assaulting the wires.

Constant care is needed with the hair in winter, thus avoiding the dryness of the wires.

Hair In The Winter

According to the expert of beauty and hair fashion, Marco Antonio Biaggi,current hair cut is the shoulder and preferably peaked. No long hair, despite that it’s individual tastes. But if you’re wanting to change and stay within the trend, is there a message.

The colors, the blond of winter, merging three shades of clarissimas fuses: Chamomile, crème brûlée and vanilla is a luxury and sophistication. The colour red is being used is the strawberry blonde hair, a la Marina Ruy Barbosa.

One of the care that we should have to color the hair of red hair is to avoid fading. The one is use a red berry cranberrie still little known, but your oil has miraculous effects.

For hydration, the indicated is to use Hair Conditioner rinse, so that the hair doesn’t go limp, wilted and without visço. Treat the scalp is the best way to be always with beautiful hair.

Among the novelties on the market of cosmetics for hair this safflower oil, used in diet to lose weight, is being used also to hair. Product with many indications, the BB Cream has several functions, take the dry, split ends, encorpa, it has sunscreen.

To give shine to hair, are products Palm oil mixture more cípero and argan. The three ingredients are placed on your coloring she will give an extraordinary luster to your hair.

The colored hair, even if only with fuses, must be well treated to avoid resssecamento and paint wear. The ideal is to hydrate them and use special shampoo.

It is important to avoid moisture immediately after staining with toner at not to fade your hair. The dyed hair with permanent dyes, must go through a process of moisturizing ampoule after the dye. The treatment may have greater power to act with Micromist, alternating hot and cold water jet.

Moroccanoil treatment, much used lately, takes argan oil. The Chronologist, the load out with Kerastase (or Caviar Therapy), is a sophisticated hydration treatment, used by the famous.

The dyed hair can be washed daily, but need some care as to use certain products. The shampoos have sunscreen, and the brand Redken Color Extend New, cranberry oil or Camellia oil formula that prevent color fading.

The organic shampoo Lóreal called Douceur D ‘ Huiles has no parabens and silicone, and the line has also the mask.

Hydrating Mask in place of conditioner is great, and should be 3 minutes in your hair, especially for those who have curly hair or wavy. The combing cream Hidrabalance Avon is very nice too, and have in your formula, Shea butter and avocado oil.

Before brushing pass a termoativo cream or gel product, that will leave your hair silky and hydrated, protecting also the heat of the dryer. The Nectar Thermique, the load out with Kerastase has in your Royal Jelly extract formula that protects the hair fiber. In Avon has a termoativo cream, Advance line Technique, which has the formula panthenol.